99 Exclusive Watch Brands For Men With Style

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Some of the best watch brands for men from A to Z

You want to know what the famous watch brands and trends offer for 2016? If Yes, then stick with it, because we have created a great alphabetical overview for you. Here you will find watches of the highest quality. All are made from precious materials and with great attention to detail. There’s something for every taste. Find out for yourself!

Of course, you can order your desired watch directly, for example, at Valmano or Crist .

A. Lange & Söhne

watch brands man watches men's watches long and sons

Nearly two centuries have passed since the founding of this watch brand. More specifically, there are 170 years. At that time, at the very beginning, the first workshop was built. Recently, the company opened a new and has brought a special model for the occasion on the market.

It’s about the Lange 1 model.

This watch is more accessible than many watches before. With the present model, the first large renovation of the brands concluded since 1994. At the time you created a line of hand watches with tighter border and jumping numerals display


watch brands man watches men's watches alpina

Next, we present the good watch brand Alpina in our list. This year, the big news is the current model timepiece instruments. The applied technology is here almost exactly like at Frédérique Constant.

Audemars Piguet

watch brands man watches men's watches audemars piguet

We continue with the watch brand AudemarsPiguet. This brand is known for its long-standing innovations in the field of watches with minute strike. You have experience already for 150 years. The latest news in this area is Royal OakConcept RD1. This watch was created after a long collaboration with a silk manufacturer.

Unfortunately, RD1 is not for sale. There are however many fabulous models of the brands, which show a good quality.

Ball watch company

watch brands man watches men's watches ball watch co

Do you like watching in the dark luminous watches? Ball Watch Co has a number of such in their collections. If you are a real fan of this technology, we recommend you to look at the following models from nearby: Engineer II Volcan and engineer hydrocarbon GMT. You see a lit, covered with Sapphire surround.

Baume & Mercier

watch brands man watches men's watches Swiss watches Baume and Mercier

Especially the fans of luxury man watches find fascinating this fire, very happy to enjoy the moment. Because these people just have the power to deliver high performance. That fits this watch brand to such persons, proves also the following fact: the best students are the London Business School with an excellent watch of this brand.

Bell & Ross

watch brands man watches men's watches Swiss watches Bell and Ross

You already know this brand? Do you have a rectangular appearance in the sense already? However, many conventional round models, see the latest collection from Bell & Ross.

Since several models with vintage flair still available.


watch brands man watches men's watches Swiss Watches Blancpain

This brand under the good watch brand is known for its great diving watches. The company profits, a part is invested in projects for environmental protection, and especially in relevant research in the field of marine science.


watch brands man watches men's watches Swiss watches boss

This year, Hugo Boss has created the year awards some good watches for GQ MenOf competition. This time it’s elegant watches, which are combined with ceramic envelope.


watch brands man watches men's watches Swiss watches Brown

Brown is just very practical and effective in the field of watchmaking. This year the uncompromising quality even in the smallest details of the models is not to miss. Viewing the model classic Brown specifically.


watch brands man watches men's watches Swiss Watches Breguet

Breguet is our next selection for the list of good watch brands. Some specific new details on the models by 2016 were particularly striking for us. These are for example the tour Tourbillon bridges and the base plates from titanium.


watch brands man watches men's watches Swiss watches Breitling

A pilot watch with a digital analog display is distinctive for the collection of this brand this year. You can synchronize this with your Smartphone. It just takes a special application.


watch brands man watches men's watches Swiss watches Bremont

Bremont opened a new boutique in New York, and brought in many new models on the market. The Jaguar and Boeing collections, as well as the watches, are still up-to-date what the topic of America’s Cup are dedicated.


watch brands man watches men's watches Swiss Watches Bulova

Its 140th Anniversary, the American-Swiss watchmaker Bulova returned to its American roots. The brand put your headquarters again in Empire State Building. This happens even though the fire belongs Japanese citizen for some time. Seen the return to American-style in the design of the current models.


watch brands man watches men's watches Swiss Watches Bvlgari

Significantly for the current models of Bulgari, wrist and the super innovative technologies that we apply in the manufacture of Bulgari watches are the ring-shaped housing. For the development of the latter, you worked with specialists in the field of data protection – WISeKey. It stores all personal data within a cryptographic chips. In addition, you can create also a connection with your own Smartphone.


watch brands man watches Swiss watches Burberry

Here, the last fire of good watch brands for men with the letter B is starting, which we would like to introduce. It comes to Burberry. Did you know that in this company of the Managing Director and the head of the design department an and the same person is? This is Christopher Bailey. He is a talented artist and manager who deserves more than 8 million per year. If you look at the current models of the firm Burberry watches, also no longer wonders that this is so.


watch brands casio men lifestyle

First, we present the Japanese luxury brand Casio. This year, the model is dual Dial World time with its modern Bluetooth technology greatly on. Because the synchronization is possible via your Smartphone. This is just one of the many elegant models, which are in line with the latest technologies.


watch brands cartier men lifestyle

Cartier impressed with some models, which carry an unforgettable character somehow radiating even mysticism. Man experiences this year as an example the male version of Lady watch send balloon Bleu, whose Anzeiger is covered with sparkling diamonds.


certina luxury watch brands watches

Certina DS brings the popular chronografische line. We experience action, Eagle and podium in a new, modern version of the well-known models. In addition to the more modern design, these watches show also an improved security system.


watch brands chanel men lifestyle

If it represents the good watch brands, you can not come to Chanel. We find the new version of the Boy.Friend model with its more prominent appearance is very convincing.

This is something for the particularly vain men.


watch brand chaumet man watches lifestyle modetrends

There is talk of a universal good watch brand! Check the displayed models. It is unacceptable that you don’t like her.


watch brand chopard luxury men's watches

Chopard brings new models on the market, created in partnership with Porsche Motorsport. And thanks to the new series of driver clocks the company evolved into one of the largest sponsors of Mille Miglia Mille Miglia GTS rally.

Christopher Ward

lifestyle watch brands christopher ward luxurious

You need to look at only the models of this watch brands, to recognize that it is a British brand. The high class for all products will receive this year, although they now offer the products at a much lower price.


watches citizen watch brands modetrends men

Citizens designer love military style and offer also currently many new fascinating models in military look. Tucked example in this context is the limited series Royal Marines commandos, which has over 1000 copies.


watches corum watch brand men lifestyle

Corum is a young brand under the good clock manufacturers. The company Corum has prevailed through the creative character of their models. You have many elegant man watches models which were fascinated by the cooler masks by rolls-Roys.

Perhaps will the minimalist model like you but much more Golden Bridge?


cyrus trends of men's watches wrist watches men

We continue with the young watch brands. Because Cyrus is a positive example of this. It was founded five years ago by brothers Laurent and Julien LeCamp. The brand was named after the founder of the Persian Empire. It is a reference in the design of the watches. For each model, it has been a Persian coin as an example.


dior watch brand man watches watches men

Chiffre Rouge by Dior is on the market for more than ten years. These models have already reached a very high level of quality. Also the latest Dior register clearly models in the category of watches of the highest class.

De Grisogono

de grisogono watch brands man watches watches men

In particular a striking person behind the success of this brand and this is Fawaz Gruosi. His company was established in 1993. While the founders sat on a very interesting strategy: he made with the then very modern Black diamonds watch models. This design was released immediately as original and unique and secured an Honorable place among the best brands of watch the fire.


diesel watch brands man watches watches men

Is the size of a watch of importance for you? If Yes, then you put on diesel. The models are big in style and dimensions.


dietrich watches men of husband watches watches men

Have you heard the name of this brand? Perhaps it is because he is also not so new. The brand was founded by the French designer Emmanuel Dietrich. He has long been active in the production of watches. He has worked also for the famous brands Hermes and Luis Vuitton.


Amin wrist watches watch brands man watches

In recent years, Ebel’s designers were fixated on the manufacture of beautiful ladies watches. The men were easily neglected. Let’s see whether this has now changed…

Emporio Armani

emporio armani watches men watch brands man watches

The most expensive models of this brand is characterized from the others by their Swiss-style. This Italian brand currently offers bold motion series with exclusive man watches. Chieh connect including some models with quartz drive.


Fiyta Uhrenmarkan mens fashion mens watch

We begin with the fascinating Chinese brand Fiyta. It was founded in Shenzhen for more than 20 years ago. The latest models feature the super current program R & amp; D. The watches are offered at more than 1000 stores in Asia and 25 countries outside this continent.

FP Journe

If you want to make a unique and exciting investment? The FP Journe watches are a good opportunity for this. With the colored version, many of the models are absolutely valuable pieces, which are certainly worthy for the finest collections.


fossil watch brands men's fashion watch

Here is a well-known name for the fans of the good watch brands. The types of fossil have a solid, classic appearance. They are also attractively and more widely available in comparison with many other brands.

Scuderia Ferrari

Scuderia Ferrari watch brand men's luxury watches men's watches

Do you know the mens watches by Ferrari? If you have a car of this brand and seek a suitable clock, then select Hubolt. The logo of the dancing horse, Scuderia Ferrari, which comes from the famous and powerful company Movado fits.

Frederique constant

Frdrique constant watch brands men's fashion watch

We came up with Frdrique constant in the Uhrenmakre Alpina in our first article on this topic. Also under its name, there are many smart models, which can be synchronized via your mobile phone.

These models have been developed in collaboration with fullpower. This is a company that works with Nike and Apple.

Georg Jensen

Georg Jensen watch brands men's fashion watch

Georg Jensen works not only in the exclusive sector, but it has many good models in this area. A wonderful example is the stylish model Scandinavian-style Henning Koppel.


Girard Perregaux watch brands men's fashion watch

Girard-Perregaux is a good watch brand, which enrich our lives again with vintage models. The Girard-Perregaux designers still often set the XXL size.

Graham 1695

Graham 1695 watch brands men's fashion watch

It established the brand, to create a model dedicated to the clockmaker George Graham. The appearance is elegant, but at the same time it avoids the very official impression.


Graff watch brand men's fashion watch

The first model of this good watch brand is called BASELWORLD. Already with this men’s Watch, it became clear that it is a major provider. The current models prove that this also happened successfully.


Gucci watch brand men's fashion watch

What about with a stylish and by voice controlled smart wristwatch? There are a number of such models of the famous brand of Gucci.


guess GC watch brands men's fashion watch

Some of the new models were created in cooperation with the company of Martian watches from California. You have microphone and speaker, which can be controlled by your voice here.


Hamilton watch brands men's fashion Watch

Do you know what has offered Hamilton last year? On the occasion of the 80th year since the birth of Elvis created a model that is specifically dedicated to him. Elvis80 is distinguished by a quartz drive.

This men’s watch is different from the electrically-driven models of Ventura by its mechanism. The models show many similarities in style, where one can see many similarities.

Harry Winson

Harry Winson watch brands men's fashion Watch

Impatiently await the news at the Harry Winston Opus series? There’s something great for you on the market once again!


Hermes watch brands men's fashion watch

Hermes watches are known for the delicate appearing and feeling of materials. Leather, silk, glass and ceramics are used here. The success of these watches is not just. He can be explained also by the seriousness with which Hermes is the manufacture of watches. The company has its own manufacturer of dials and watch cases.


Hublot watch brand men's fashion watch

Few are the models that have achieved the popularity of the big bang to designs by Hublot. It was launched by the ingenious Jean-Claude Biver and is still currently on the market.

H Moser

H Moser watch brand men's fashion watch

H Moser is a proof how far the little watchmaker by appropriate marketing strategies and original products with the best quality can bring it. And also making sure that the Swiss style in clocks is almost always a guarantee of success.


IWC watch brands men's fashion watch

The IWC company selects a striking theme for their luxury watches every year. This year they were the luxury Aviator watches.


Jaeger LeCoultre watch brands men's fashion watch

Also Jaeger-LeCoultre’s always manages to stay through well selected topics at the top of the popularity. You already know the current series inspired by sky and astronomy? She came on the market by 2015. In this collection of exclusive man watches you provided a contrast in your own style by sober restrained models. Now is also the change in the forms. There are classic round and rectangular fancy shapes. The dimensions are also very different.

Jean Richard

Jean Richard watch brand men's fashion Watch

Here is yet another watch brand, that deserves your attention. They are named after the even trained watchmaker from the 17th century: Daniel JeanRichard.

This American watch brand was recognized by the President Obama. Could there be a better proof of the best quality?


Junghans Uhrenmarkan mens fashion mens watch

This watch brand there since 1861. This is the currently largest producer in Germany. It is characterized not only by its classical style, but also by the perfect functional electronics and smart mechanisms.

Lars Larsen watch brand luxury watches lars larsen round dial black red

The first brand on our list is called Lars Larsen. The person after which the clocks were called, was an old fur seal. The Dane was captain of a ship with the name Agnes Louise. In his spare time, he dealt with watchmaking and created models that could withstand the bad weather.

The brand and the current company Lars Larsen was developed by his grandson.

Larsson & Jennings

watch brand luxury watches men's gold leather round dial

Blends of Scandinavian minimalism and the British upmarket style Larsson & Jennings. The international company sold watches the best quality at relatively low prices.

Linde Werdelin

watch brand watches futuristic design titanium

We continue with a fire, is located in London. Linde Werdelin is currently in a cooperation with the demanding Danish company Frmandskorpset. Together they have created Octopus Frogman model which is characterized by its titanium watch case.

Louis Vuitton

watch brands Mr brand colorful dial around leather stainless steel

In recent years, Louis Vuitton has many new models, which with sporting events in conjunction and accordingly are designed in a sporty style. Maybe this is just the most appropriate for you.


watch brands-men's leather round dial steel longines

Longines impressed very much with its historic models. The designer of this world-famous brands seem to find again and again great role models in the archives. Anyway, the current models are also fascinated by good old models.

Links of London

watch brands men's luxury Black Dial Leather Bracelet links of london

The striking look of this man watches is not to be confused. Here, own ideas of this brands are realized, which are combined with details of Marc Newson and Louis Vuitton brands.


watch brands men's luxury brand luminox gumiband round dial

Many watch brands achieve the business look. But there are few that show a harsh, military style. This is the case with Luminox also in the latest collections. Last year celebrated the mark 25 years since their inception.


auhrenmarken men's luxury brand movado modern design round dial black leather

Achille Ditesheim was only 19 when he founded the company. This happened in the year 1881. At that time called the company La Chaux-de-Fonds. It was later renamed to Movadop.

The best known model was constructed in 1947, it was created by Nathan George Horwitt and is already a museum exhibit.

It is located in the New York Museum of modern art.

Michael Kors

watch brands men's luxury brand michael kors titanium round dial

Perhaps you know that Michael Kors is also a fashion company? Yes, it’s also a watchmaker. And the brand has more than 5 trillion-selling models. They can be found in all price ranges.

Maurice Lacroix

watch brands men's luxury accessories black strap maurice lacroix

Maurice Lacroix has set completely on the success of the Pontos S chronografische series. So far, all models of this series are successful. The sports water resistant models are some of the best of its kind on the market.

MB & F

watch brands luxury men's genuine leather mb f

MB & F celebrated its 10th anniversary, a big anniversary since its founding last year. On this occasion, it has created a special robot watch. You called Melchior and designed in collaboration with the specialists in the watch-making L ‘ EPE. The price of such exclusive clock is 25 000 dollars.


watch brand mondaine leather stainless steel round dial

This watch brand for the models of the series SBB Swiss railways is the most known. Still, Helvetica No1 bold and MotionX are also very popular. The most innovative smart technologies are integrated into almost all new models.


watch brands men's luxury brand genuine leather strap watch stainless steel montblanc

MONTBLANC is the leader among manufacturers of smart watches. It is all the more impressive that it the classic look is not lost.


watches nixon watches men lifestyle

Sophistication and rugged character. Only the most talented designers of the Nixon men watches under a hat can bring. Continue to fit several models for many different sporting looks and are suitable for extreme conditions.


watches nomos men wrist watches stylish

Of these watches, you can see how the Germans interpret the minimalism. The collection is very thin and appears almost floating. The model calibre DUW 3001 is an excellent example of this.


watches omega men watches

Omega Watches have been advertised in one of the last Bond films. It is a new version of the no less famous Seamaster Aqua Terra Seamaster 300 spectre – model.


watches oris men watches lifestyle

Many good watch manufacturers make a big deal that they produce some of the watch parts and mechanisms in our own House. You give also an additional charge for this. That is not the case with Oris. Despite the in-house created mechanisms and the limited editions, this brand prices are relatively reasonable.

Parmigiani Fleurier

watch brands men parmigiani fleurier watches

Veyron is the clock, with which the existence of this watch brands began in 2004. This is a very expensive and unique model. It was created in cooperation with the Bugatti car fire, reappeared at this time after a certain pause in the market. The then launched series Veyron is still going to buy. Some specimens have a high collection value.

Porsche Design

watch brands men wrist watches porsche design

Porsche design has established itself on the market thanks to strategic partnerships. The cooperation with Eterna took place between 1995 and 2011. Then she stopped. Citychamp is the new and more powerful partner of Porsche Design.

From two stages remain striking clock models which remain determined long up-to-date.


men watch brands piaget lifestyle modetrends

We start the presentation of this good watch brand and their man models with a bit of history. They say that for them, the Cuban refugee Gerry Grinberg has played a major role. He was the first who came up with the idea that the watches can be a status symbol. Piaget is one of the people who established this thinking again. The sales of the models of the brand Sixtieshatte he applied a simple strategy: he has simply put, they are the most expensive, which exist on the market.


man watches panerai exclusive luxurious lifestyle

The first clock, which was created out of carbon fibers is one of this brand. It was called even after this innovation: Carbotech. Other known historical models of the same brand are LuminorSubmersible, Firenze Radiomir and Radiomir 1940 EquationOf time in 1950.


Rotary watch brands men's luxury watches men's watches

The brand was established by the same Chinese company, which is the same size as Corum and Eterna. Rotary provides durable and reliable watch brands at very good prices. The range of designs is very large. There are a number of top models in the current series. You have very good mechanisms with quartz drives, but their prices are affordable!


RADO Uhrenmarkan men's luxury watches men's watches

No brand seems to be so anxious for it to emphasize the Swiss character of the design. That comes in the new series of ceramic watches in Brown shades very strongly accentuated.

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren Uhrenmarkan men's luxury watches men's watches

The style is characterized by the love for nature and wild life vonRalph Lauren. It is especially in the popular and well-known Safari line best expressed.

88 Rue you Rhone

88 Rue you Rhone red mens Arbanduhr watch brands

This young watch brand exists since the year 2012. It was founded by Elie and Pierre Bernheim. So, the firm wire is now partner of a number of events and Veranstaltungenauf demhöchsten level.  88 Rue du Rhône is for example at the British Academy Film Awards, or at the large, international film festivals in Miami and Geneva.


Rolex watch brand men's luxury watches mens Bracelet Watch

Last year, Rolex celebrated the 60th anniversary since its establishment. 17 new watch models have been created for the occasion. There are the innovations in the design and in the integrated electronics.

Richard Mille

Richard Mille watch brands men's luxury watches men's watches

Since last year, you can find some new man models of this good watches on the market again. You are different sports stars dedicated to including Yohan Blake, Felipe Massa and Rafael Nadal.

Raymond Weil

Raymond Weil watch brands men's luxury watches men's watches

The brand Raymond Weil has existed since the year 1976. The classical music and Opera pieces, which loved the namesake and founder of the brand itself served as inspiration for the first watches.

The new models are inspired to vonmoderner music.


Seiko watch brands men's luxury watches men's watches

Seiko has also long traditions of watch making. The company offers the best models for the domestic market. It is a novelty that Seiko has been slightly more open lately. Some of the best models are now outside of Japan.


swatch watch brand men's luxury watches men's watches

This is a fire that speaks for itself. When we talk about news, new models are to call Gran Turismo.

Seven Friday

seven Friday watch brands men's luxury watches men's watches

Do you know this brand? She became known for their very successful models in an industrial style. The watches are made in China with the high-quality Miyota mechanisms. The limited editions are sold out quickly.


Shinola watch brands men's luxury watches men's watches

The 2011 founded brand now makes models for the clothing manufacturer Filson. This company was acquired by Shinola even in 2012. The first two models from the series call journeyman and Mackinaw.

TAG Heuer

watch brands men's luxury watches wrist watches men tag heuer

Tag Heuer has long been the leading brand among the sports watches. However, they’ve got a very big competition in recent years.  Jean-Claude Biver played a very large role. The competition served as motivation for great new achievements in technology and design.

Tommy Hilfiger

watch brands-men's leather watch round dial tommy Hilfiger

This is one which several watch brands, behind which stands the company Movado Group. Tommy Hilfiger are accessible to a wider group of fans of the brand watches, nevertheless show a compromise-high style.

You win on the basis of the fast-changing lines, leading ultimately to very much variety in the design.


watch brands men tateossian Green Watch

The former investment banker Robert Tateossian is behind this brand. The company celebrates its 25th anniversary in this since its inception. That’s not expensive watch brand, but it shows an excellent price-performance ratio.


watch brand men's stainless steel tudor Bracelet Watch

Tudor recorded a striking breakthrough among the top brands in the sports watches. One of the latest and most interesting models is FastriderChronoScrambler.

TW steel

watch brands men man watches stainless steel rubber band tw steel

The first watchmaker of this brand is called Jordy Cobelens. More than 25 years ago, he was called up by the founder of the company. Now, this is a name in the watch producers, virtually everyone knows.


watch brands-men's leather stainless steel tissot

The first T-touch models with the watches were launched in 1999. It was a surprise that Tissot was among the first, which introduce the latest innovations and develop trendy models probably none. They are still among the most technically innovative brands in this industry.


watch brands men's rubber band wrist watch timex stainless steel

Timex produces some of rugged watch models. You have already passed the most incredible tests. The popularization of the latter is located in the Centre of the marketing strategy of the brands, which always proves very successful.

Tiffany & co

watch brands men's genuine leather black gold tiffany

After a partnership, this brand has parted from Swatch Group. It was no easy time until all rights have clarified. Tiffany & co make it however, great models on the market to bring and many current designs at the man watches are now showing their numerous fans.

Thomas SABO

watch brands men's genuine leather Grey Bruce watch of rose gold thomas

Thomas Sabo is the formula 1 StarNico Rosberg promoted. That says quite a bit.

U boat

watch brands men's luxury brand Italian genuine leather u boat watch

U boat is an elegant Italian brand. Its clock models is characterised by its universal character.

Ulysse Nardin

watch brands real leather black strap watch ulysse nardin

The company is known especially for the chronometer, which work perfectly under water. Now this is the sponsor of the Swedish Yacht Club Artemis.

Vacheron Constantinwatch brands men's genuine leather Brown strap watch luxury brand vacheron constantin

This revered brand has celebrated its 260th anniversary last year. At the moment, striking the retro look of their articles.


watch brands men inox inox Victor Leather Brown titanium

Two models have been particularly noticeable for all watch fans in recent years. These are stainless steel and Naimakka. The company launched it as some of the most durable on the market.


zenith watch brand aherren genuine leather Brown brass luxury brand

Still a brand celebrated an anniversary by 2015. It’s zenith. Whose watches achieved it, the fans classic cars and not only get excited about, we believe at least!

Van Cleef & Arpels

watch brands men's luxury brand gold watch men van cleef arpels

We conclude our overview with the fire of Van Cleef & Arpels. There are no as impressive new models of this brand last year. However, there are many classic, which is impressive enough.

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