A Touch Of Arabia At Home

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The lights dimmed, exotic music playing in the background, it smells like fruit and warm tea – what could fit better than enjoying a shisha, which is spreading in mouth and throat before the thick smoke in the air is blown?

You can easily get the Arab feeling in your own four walls. Some music, the right foods, detailed and Oriental decoration and the mandatory reading must not be missed. But just beginners are worry about the right equipment, the handling and the consequences of the hookah enjoyment at the beginning frequently. These are mostly unfounded, because there are only a few basics, care must be taken to the.

Saudi Arabia is a country full of traditions and customs, smoking the hookah is just a smaller, but still an elementary aspect of Arab culture. Joint smoking is a symbol of hospitality, a ritual of reconciliation and a sign of brotherhood. It is not entirely unlike the peace pipe. The shisha or Hookah, also known as, is originally from Egypt, probably from the 16th century. It spread quickly in the Iran and in many other parts of the Arab world.

a breath of Arabia at home shisha smoking

What is required

Before we start all required must be prepared. Complete facilities for the enjoyment of hookah essentially consists of three parts:

Water pipe

More is needed at the beginning not to enjoy the unique atmosphere of shisha smoking in society.

But of course there are differences too. Before buying the music one should ask first, with how many people you would like to enjoy. There is namely different water pipes, which, for example, one, have two or even three ports for a hose. Of course can smoke the hookah with only a connection with more than one person, but the variant with two hoses from handling is significantly more comfortable when more than two people. Who shares a hose with several people, who wants to draw perhaps several mouthpiece. So, the hygiene is maintained.

This is how it’s done

If the hookah is ready, it is filled with water. The tobacco is filled in the head. There are various flavors. The classic is “Double Apple”, so a more intense taste of Apple. Melon, cherry or mango are also popular. Then covered the head with aluminium foil, which is repeatedly inserted above the tobacco. Now comes the coal on the series. The special feature of the tobacco money is the way and way burns like it. If it is set on fire a crackling reveals how she become inflamed. The optimal temperature is reached, if the edge turns evenly bright. Then it is placed on the shisha head and the hookah must now be smoked. It has to be drawn repeatedly strongly on the hose until a dense space can be blown out. The taste should be full-bodied and fruity. He scratches excessively in the neck, then the coal should be taken from the head. Usually a shisha head can be enjoyed a good half an hour.

Despite all the joy of life and harmony that comes from smoking the hookah is just for adults and should not be used by children and young people under 18 years of age. Also, the hookah-smoking is not less dangerous than smoking cigarettes. However, there are only a few studies for this purpose. Anyone who opts for smoking the water pipe, is itself responsible for themselves.

reading a breath of Arabia at home shisha

More Arabian flair

Who wants more Asian or Arabic touch for your own four walls, you will find here many installation examples for an exotic flair. Just the spirituality of the people in the Asian region is reflected also in the institution and is expressed in every household. There are always again religious symbols. Color technically magenta and gold, but also warm red tones in combination with earth tones dominate. It is worked with dark wood.

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