A Wine Tasting Takes Place In Three Steps

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A wine tasting takes place in three steps

Who has ever participated in a wine tasting , knows that this takes place in three steps. Until it comes to the optics, then to the smell, and only at the end to drinking. But what is the steps really?

Notes are useful

Although it may sound strange, but to make the wine tasting notes, while has quite sense. Because you can grasp the sense impressions into words and hold. Later you can read off the overall impression from this or but consult the notes for comparison. If you participate in a professional wine tasting, you get probably called Degustationsblätter, which you can fill out and compare later with other participants.

wine tasting takes place in three steps

Color theory as optical impression

You have sure ever watched this: wine connoisseurs swirl the wine in his glass and look at the resulting so-called tears. This means that the wine runs down in thick droplets on the inner wall of the glass. The more run down, he has more content. In a further step, dealing the hue and intensity, you can perceive the best against a white background. Red wines vary from reddish brown to Ruby Red or even black-red with violet tones. Basically the intensity of the color of red wine says a lot about his age, but also about the growing area. White wines may be greenish-yellow to golden yellow or light brown. Here, the principle applies: the older the wine, the darker it’s also.

Judgment of the nose on the basis of familiar smells

The next step involves the smell to its description, you consult the most familiar odors. It may be that a fine wine smells like honey, liquorice and tar. Generally, there are seven different flavors families whose bandwidth by flowery over fruity to back enough to vegetable or spicy and Caramelized. Also microbiological or smoky smell is possible.

At the end the taste is

As the last step of the wine tasting , you may taste then the wine in the truest sense of the word. To assess the taste perfectly, you should first slowly sipping it and keep some time in the mouth. If you something back – and -forth move him with the tongue, can intensify the taste. Experts talk in this context by the “Wine go through”.

First and foremost, it comes to the relationship between acid and sweetness, because just these two tastes strongly influence a wine. Flavors then unfolded are described similarly like the scent and divided into different families. An important criterion is that is what the wine in your mouth feels also the texture.

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