African Mango – A Healthy Gift From The Warm Continent

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African mango – some interesting facts

The mango is a fruit that can be described as a true gift of nature. This fruit is very tasty, healthy, and she helps the fat loss. The use of African mango, we can stay fit for our sporting exercises. But it is important to distinguish between fruit and this which “are sold us for marketing reasons in exaggerated form” between the real properties of mango.

African mango – an exotic fruit with benefits

mango fruit mango benefits supplementary food

African mango – trivia and interesting

mango fruit bark healthy lifestyle

What is the African mango dar?

We write today of the African mango. This has some unique features that deserve special attention. The Latin name of African mango Irvingia is gabonensis. African mango as dietary you will find. Our presentation refers to this form of consumption.

African mango fruit

african mango benefits eating fruits healthy

The “treasure chest” of African seeds are mango. They consist of protein, 10% 64% from fat, 15% from carbohydrates. You have 3-4% ballast fibers. They contain no rare, yet very important micro-nutrients. These include calcium, magnesium, iron and vitamin C.

The discovery of the healthy properties of African mango is a merit of modern science. They are not known to traditional African medicine. These fruits have been used until recently, especially in the cosmetics industry. They served there as a compaction fabric. The seeds of African mango have an appropriate antioxidant effect.

What properties do have the seeds of African mango?

mango fruit African mango healthy eating tips

What benefits has the African mango?

Proven benefits from the consumption of African mango

The water extract from the bark of the mango used much in practice. It has an analgesic effect for burns.

Why is the bark of the African mango it useful to?

african mango benefits health bark

Some research indicates that through the consumption of African mango lighter fat can build up and reduce his cholesterol levels. These results are still waiting for further investigation and confirmation, which prove this theory to 100%.

It may be that it reduces the amount of blood sugar mango through permanent consumption of African.

Also can be suppressed in some people the appetite.

What doses you should African mango have?

The correct daily dosage differs from people to people. It depends on the weight and the physical activity of people. They differs between 150 and 3200 mg and the dose must be distributed between the different main meals.

You can achieve the maximum effect by you African mango consume about 10-15 minutes before eating.

The consumption of African mango has various health benefits

mango fruit healthy eating reduce benefits hunger

Side effects and limitations

There are no serious side effects from the consumption of African mango known. No toxic effects even at daily doses of 2500 grams have been noted. So far, everything about it speaks that the consumption of African mango is absolutely risk-free.

What can you combine the African mango?

No risky combinations between African mango and other products have been registered. Pairing the device with medicines and drugs is also so far as risk-free.

It is recommended that the African mango products to combine, which enhance their positive effect. There are special combinations which achieve the blocking of carbohydrates and the reduction of blood sugar. Simultaneous use with green coffee or green tea is suitable in this case.

Consume African mango with green coffee

mango fruit properly combine green coffee

For the regulation of blood pressure, you can again combine the African mango with garlic. Search only for products with proven origin and quality.

Which is the African mango to combine?

african mango garlic combine mango

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