Alumina – Easy And Effective Application In The Body Care

Posted on Jun 28, 2016

Alumina – easy and effective application in the body care

Clay is a very varied natural substance. It makes wonders with your body. You can significantly improve the condition of skin and hair. This is one of the most effective Green methods for embellishment.

Face mask for beautiful skin

Green Clay mask beauty tips from nature

A beauty method proven in history

Clay has been used since ancient times to beautify. Their beneficial properties have proven many times in the period. Modern times have changed nothing. The clay, along with other natural methods by the medical cosmetics was pushed back for a certain amount of time.

But then she was rediscovered.

Now, many people believe that the traditional methods of beauty are much more effective.

Green Clay

Green Clay Earth health tips beauty from nature

Beauty of nature

Green Clay mask Earth beauty from nature

The clay is good for all of this…

First you need to be aware that there are very many different types of clay. Some have a beautifying effect and others can even be used as remedies. Generally, the clay can clean, soothe the skin, rid the body of toxins, soothe irritated authorities and even cure.

You can relax and trust the natural healing properties of alumina

Green Clay mask Earth beauty from nature relaxation

In the following you will find some ideas on how you apply the clay for this newly listed beautiful purposes.

The clay is a good source of vitamins and minerals

Green Clay mask Earth tips beauty from nature

Face mask

You can use the clay as a face mask. Resolve them in a ratio of 1:3 in water and apply to your face. Allow for 20 minutes and wash off with lukewarm water. Enjoy your beautiful and smooth skin.

Mask with natural ingredients

clay Earth hair mask health tips beauty from nature

Alumina for oral hygiene

By provide the oral cavity, with minerals to provide improved oral hygiene, because the clay there makes everything alkaline.

Take a bath with clay

Fill a tub with a little clay in the water. Mix all well together and enjoy. Shower very gently.

Health and harmony for the whole body

clay Earth mask beauty from the nature of whole body massage

Use clay instead of SOAP

You can use the clay also instead of SOAP. This is in many cases and you reach a sufficient hygiene, without that you spoil the top layer of your skin. You can wash your hair so.

SOAP with clay

Green Clay Earth SOAP health tips beauty from nature


You can also drink the clay. Free yourself to inside of the accumulated toxins and, by the way – it’s not as bad as you might think…

Combat the stomach cramps

This is a further, very good usage of alumina for the stomach. Alumina can ease the stomach pain, if the condition is not too acute. You can use them as a very good alternative to medical treatment.

A natural remedy

clay Earth mask health tips beauty from nature

Remove dark circles

You can use the alumina to remove the dark circles, or to make less visible. Mixing clay with water, so that form a thin paste and place them around the eyes. Soak. Rinse carefully so that the clay will not be in your eyes.

Eliminate dark circles in the blink of an eye

clay Earth mask against dark circles beauty from nature

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