Anti Aging Tips: How Must We Feed Ourselves To Remain Youthful Longer?

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Anti aging tips: how must we feed ourselves to remain youthful longer?

You know how you can distinguish a reputable beauty experts with modern methods from the others?  Consider the tips you get critical. Is it recommended you expensive cosmetics containing many artificial ingredients? Or are available, parallel you natural methods and changes in the life style to a few, but high-quality care products?

Anti aging diet

anti aging tips and anti aging nutrition

With experts who prefer the first type of advice, you can reach a definitely good effect, which is but in the short term. You become dependent on the recommended procedures, so that the results remain. The natural approach is something that changes your attitude to life in General and promotes the natural regenerative characteristics of the body.

This contributes to good results, that you can get without constant visits to the beautician and the purchase of more expensive products.

The choice is yours. We are committed for the second, so the more natural approach.

Here are also some diet tips that match just this philosophy

anti aging tips time stopping anti aging nutrition


In the oats contain many carbohydrates. They are not very glykämisch, that has to mean that not too much as a result, your blood sugar will rise. Oats contains still natural chemicals which gently matte the complexion and counteract any skin irritation.

Healthy breakfast with Oat flakes

anti aging tips Hotelis anti aging nutrition


Oranges are full of water, which is good for the hydration of your skin. Still, they are very good sources of collagen and vitamin C, and these ingredients are fundamental for the firmness of the skin.

Oranges are rich in vitamin C

anti aging tips Orange anti aging nutrition

Orange juice as a healthy beverage

anti aging tips orange juice anti aging nutrition


Avocados have very high in fats, which are however healthy. You give many of the necessary vitamins and minerals your skin. Eat this, and get energy and have a youthful appearance.

anti aging tips avocado anti aging nutrition

Fresh salad with grapefruit and avocado

anti aging tips avocado salad anti aging nutrition

Lean beef

Beef is regarded as a wonderful source of protein. Thanks to this, collagen is formed in the body. Often choose this meat in front of the other varieties, and have greater opportunities for a longer-lasting youthful appearance.

Prepare dishes with beef

anti aging tips beef anti aging nutritionanti aging tips beef Filett anti aging nutrition

Brussels sprouts

Brussels sprouts is a vegetarian source of vitamin A and C. inside contain Folsäuren, which are very important for your skin health to continue. Eat more of it in the summer, when the risk of sunburn is greater.

Brussels sprouts in the menu

anti aging tips Roisenkohl anti aging nutrition


Provide more Omega-3 acids by eat more salmon and other fish species. By the way, this is a good prevention of skin cancer.

Eat fish at least once per week

anti aging tips of salmon anti aging nutrition


The grapes contain many active substances which can counteract inflammation and sunburns. If you slow down this process, the aging process is not as fast.

Grapes for dessert in the summer

anti aging tips grapes anti aging nutrition

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