Antioxidants – Which Are The Main Sources And Why Need We You

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antioxidant bananas of smoothies

More about the antioxidant and radiant significance

We know that oxygen is the main condition for life. He actively participates in most biochemical processes. But he is responsible not only for the good stuff. He ensures that the processes of oxidation in our body run more effectively.

The antioxidants represent a group of many different elements, which protect the human body from the radians, the heavy metals, toxins and their bindings.

The radiant significance

Before we continue with the topic of antioxidants, we want to say very much like something about which is the significance of radians. Because this term is very often associated with the antioxidants in conjunction. Logically, it is for understanding on this issue of fundamental importance.

Ensuring a healthy diet

antioxidant healthy eating vegetables fruits

The Radiants are unstable chemicals. That’s why they get very easily in connection with others. The radiant attacked the molecules being closest to and which takes an electron. The latter transformed itself into a free radiant. As soon as the process has even begun, he developed as a cascade, which is barely keeping up. As a result, a number of processes in the organism, which do we simply not well developed. You can write exactly this process to many health problems. The Radiants exist normally in the body, and each exists only a few seconds. But the damage which then left, are again good to do.

One of the most powerful antioxidant ever

antioxidant coffee drinking

The role of antioxidants

The antioxidants are protective substances which neutralize the reverse acidification process in the cells in it. We do mostly vitamin A, C, E by the food. Also beta carotene, selenium, zinc and copper, and manganese minerals belonging also to the Group of antioxidants.

Antioxidants and origin

The antioxidant can be organic, if ingested through the food. You might as well synthetic.

Goji berries contain a large amount of antioxidants

healthy antioxidants Goji berries

You can be enzymes.

The antioxidants can be endogenous and exogenous. The exogenous actually come from our own body. These are about the female sex hormones. The endogenous are most concentrated in the drinks and the food.

Often eat pomegranates

antioxidant pomegranate Frisch Smoothie

The visible effects of the antioxidants

There is ample information about the antioxidants included in what products and how they could promote their development in the own organism. The knowledge should belong to the general culture of each people. Here we want to inform you just in addition, what practical benefits for your inner feeling they have:

You will optimize your immune system;
You can protect itself against a number of diseases and also you will age slower in all aspects;
You will take to less;
You will have less orange peel

Their cardiovascular, muscle and cardiovascular systems will work much better;
You will have a more beautiful skin that will be resistant to the UV rays also helping;
Wounds will heal better.

The foods that you should eat very much

The formulae, which are regarded as very strong antioxidants, are the following: fresh fruits (especially citrus and fruits of the forest), fresh vegetables, full butter cocoa, nuts, red wine, white garden tea and green tea.

Natural antioxidant sources

antioxidant green tea dark chocolate dry fruit nuts

Also the cosmetics can help, but more importantly, overcome by the stress, no cigarettes and other harmful habits are full-fledged season food.

Banana Smoothies are particularly recommended

antioxidant bananas of smoothies

Prefer the dark chocolate!

antioxidants dark chocolate cocoa

Carrots are rich in beta carotene

antioxidant fresh squeezed carrot of smoothies

Healthy and tasty

antioxidant healthy corn fresh

Natural antibiotics full of antioxidants

antioxidant healthy onion

Prepare fresh vegetable smoothies

antioxidant healthy vegetable of smoothies

Eat selected foods

antioxidant nutrition vitamins minerals

Citrus fruits combine with honey

antioxidants honey citrus

A drink can enjoy green tea

antioxidant green tea drinking

Ripe grapes in late summer

antioxidant fruit ripe grapes

Forest fruits are also promising

antioxidant berries summer fruits

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