Are Strawberries Healthy? The Answer Of This Question Can Be Found Here With Us…

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That strawberries are healthy, even the kids know

The strawberry is a really unique fruit! It’s worth every fascination! She is beautiful, fresh and full of flavor. At the same time, it has become one of the symbols of love and romance over time. It is not only delicious and juicy. Even in itself is incredible properties, which are good for our health.

You can afford this on many occasions and in many matters. Also a great addition to cakes or cakes would represent, which are tasty, but not very unhealthy. Or drink you prefer, if you need something sweet, a cocktail?

The Queen of spring fruits

On the strawberries and health, which they entail, there’s hardly a better time than now. Of course this is true for enjoyment as well as for the entertainment of great recipes.

A healthy dessert of fresh strawberries

strawberries healthy fresh delicious dessert

Just the sight and even the smell get us on beautiful thoughts. It also believes that the strawberries in the position are to heal our melancholy. That in turn could have something to do with that they are considered the most powerful aphrodisiacs for centuries as one.

On the basis of the latter claim, it is also quite interesting that there is also a very awaited symbol in Christianity: pious and modesty. The bottom line so you can tell that she liked of all are, albeit for very different reasons.

Strawberries will be enjoyed for many years by the people

Every time a kind of fruit is grown virtually anywhere in the world, this fact points out that it has long been known to the people. You can find out by using the strawberries. Even the earliest people who lived in the caves, they knew. The ancient Romans knew the connection between health and the strawberries and have made very many remedies that. For them, the strawberry was a symbol of Venus. It in turn has this due to the form and also on the taste.

A rich source of vitamins and minerals

strawberries healthy fresh trace elements vitamins

The strawberries as a cosmetic product

For many centuries the strawberries also known as a cosmetic product. Latest since Napoleonic times this is the case. The then famous Madame Valley Lama has used occasionally by the 15 kilograms. She bathed in a bath in Erdbeeren-juice.

Homemade facial mask

strawberries healthy face mask themselves make

To perform the today’s recipes with strawberries for health, we need far less quantities. Only 100 grams can make a big difference.

Fresh fruit salad

strawberries healthy fresh fruit salad

A lightweight, casual breakfast

strawberries healthy homemade jam

Eating strawberries and health

Eat the strawberries the best fresh and this but of course very well washed. For children, only 6 or 7 fruits a day would be enough. So, a child will get enough vitamin C. You can eat these diets also almost always. Must don’t overdo this of course only it with the crowd. That they are so yummy, the strawberries have relatively little sugar. Less than 5 grams of sugar are in 100 grams of strawberries. The calories are 30 at this rate. In addition to vitamin C, you provide with beta-carotene and vitamin E.

Then there is too much calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorous, sodium… Iron, hallway, chlorine, manganese, zinc, and vitamin B3, B5, B9.

Delicious thirst quencher for the warm season

Strawberries healthy cold lemonade Mint

Exactly what is the health effect of strawberries?

I think that the question “Strawberries are healthy” practically already been answered. But let us practical discuss what the beneficial effect is exactly.

If you eat strawberries every day, you would significantly promote the functioning of the heart and also the kidnapping of unnecessary fluid from your body. Strengthen the blood vessels and also to high blood pressure will drop significantly.

Fatigue typical for spring is reduced considerably in their symptoms. Also the rheumatism is not so acute and climb on the legs to a disease much easier. The fructose and glucose dissolve very quickly in the body. That doesn’t mean that you will take to very difficult due to their consumption.

Improving the work of the intestinal system. Also, the women would thus improve their fertility. Treatment of anemia and depression will be so effective. In General, these fruits have an antibacterial effect. You are so beautiful even in the end.

Enjoy fresh strawberries with milk

strawberries healthy fresh dessert milk


The risks are appropriate. They can cause allergic reactions in some people. You can eat them also in too large quantities, because this would then reduce the absorption of iodine in the thyroid gland.

Crispy cookies with whipped cream and fresh fruit

strawberries healthy cookies forest fruits

The classic – Strawberry cake with light cream

strawberries healthy Strawberry cake light cream

Healthy cake bread with chocolate flakes

strawberries healthy home made Strawberry cake

Strawberry fondue

strawberries healthy chocolate treats

Organic ice cream with Strawberry pieces

strawberries healthy fresh fruit ice

Prepare healthy shakes and smoothies

strawberries healthy fresh shakes smoothies

Chic Cupcakes with whole fruit

strawberries healthy Frisch Schoko Cupcakes

Surprise your loved ones with pancakes and Strawberry Jam

strawberries healthy breakfast CREP jam fresh fruits

Or with something savory like green asparagus and strawberries

strawberries healthy main dish recipe cheese asparagus

Fresh corn salad with walnuts and sesame seeds

strawberries fresh corn salad healthy walnuts