Are You Oxidative Stress – Tired And Exhausted Without Any Concrete Reason To Have?

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oxidative stress in healthy activities nutrition

What is oxidative stress, and how will you deal with it

One often speaks about the ageing and slowing this process by antioxidants. This theme is taken up again and again. It’s good we to do this.

Lately, a term occurs more often in the popular posts to this topic. It is to be called “oxidative stress”. He linked the Radiants and says absolutely nothing new actually. But many people seem better to perceive the impact of radians on our body and to learn to cope better with the explanation of this term. So we’ve decided to explain the concept of this position from here.

Remember – healthy diet!

oxidative stress healthy diet antioxidants

What happens when the oxidative stress?

An oxidative stress in the body can occur as a result of an unhealthy diet. Most of the time comes so a process by the smoking of cigarettes, drinking lots of coffee and food from many meat products, artificially processed foods and sweets. So little space in the daily menu for the fresh vegetables and healthy habits. Our system by itself can no longer really resist this “attack” harmful substances.

Oxidative stress can cause a variety of symptoms

oxidative stress stomach intestinal problems suit

As a result of this situation, there are far too many radians in our organism. These are unstable elements, which are easy to integrate with others and whose Ganzheit in turn destroy. You can oppose the effect of such items including through the ingestion of foods, which contain many antioxidants.

To make it still more, we want to draw a comparison with fruits and vegetables pieces which could suffer also oxidative stress. But this is as much faster than ours and we can watch him better. The oxidative stress explained about the decay of an Apple. The process would, or so. But on the tree, where the fruit is a part of the living organism, everything happens a little bit slower.

Fight the bad habits

oxidative stress junk food avoiding

Reduce to a minimum the candy

oxidative stress sweets reduce

French fries and hamburgers should be the exception for you

oxidative stress hamburger Fried French fries

Do something about the symptoms of oxidative stress

At Apple, the symptoms from our point of view are very easy to see. But among the people, they are also quite visible. We have learned but neglecting them. One of the reasons is that they are not so noticeable at the beginning. Continue to us talked a over many generations, aging is not to stop. Last but not least we can’t identify the real reasons for the one or the other symptom.

Prepare often fresh salads

oxidative stress fresh salads prepared

Did you know that the “unexplained” headaches, fatigue, stomach intestinal problems again and again are consequences of oxidative stress?

What can you do against the oxidative stress?

In the first place, it would be very useful, if you turn off some habits that promote oxidative stress. Start for example that:

Adjust the obviously bad eating habits: too much fried foods, too much meat, too much fat, etc.
Searches for drugs: listening to to treat each symptom as result of a severe disease. Try but the occasional cold, or the headaches with tea, lemon and honey cure instead of immediately running to the Pharmacy;
Sit and not so much around squat! Walking is also fun! Stairs also! Try it yet, these and other actions connected with movement into your everyday life;
Let the bad health conditions not out of control! Try to stop their development;
Stress and hormonal disorders. Learn quickly to identify the symptoms of General stress and hormonal disorders and treat them. Take much more healthy food and substances during pregnancy and menopause to himself. This would accelerate the oxidative processes;
With advancing age you have to worry more and more about your own health, because the natural defences are weakening.

As much as possible to take vitamins and phytochemicals

oxidative stress healthy food fresh fruit vegetables

Take all this seriously! As has been proven that you can prevent many serious diseases in some people (if they are not genetic) or mitigate their history. These include stress and Alzheimer’s disease.

Numerous scientific studies prove the healthy effect of antioxidants

oxidative stress studies antioxidants

The Queen of fruits is recommended in this case especially

oxidative stress fresh fruits apples

Delicious baby carrots for a little snack

oxidative stress baby carrots small hunger

Bean plants and nuts contain much antioxidants

oxidative stress beans nuts

Healthy snacking with a clear conscience

oxidative stress dark chocolate antioxidants

Fish is also rich in omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids

oxidative stress fish Omega 3 fatty acids

Green smoothies provide you with new energy

oxidative stress fresh green of smoothies

Put on fresh fruit and vegetable salads

oxidative stress fresh salads healthy

Fragrant lemon for a fresh feel throughout the year

oxidative stress fresh lemons citrus

Discover the magical world of spices!

oxidative stress spices exotic

An excellent source of antioxidants

oxidative stress healthy pomegranate antioxidants

Enjoy the freshness of the fruits of the forest in summer

oxidative stress healthy raspberry ripe forest fruits

Mediterranean cuisine is a good idea for your health

oxidative stress olive oil Basil garlic

Avocado, nuts and olives should be your good friends

oxidative stress of unsaturated fatty acids Omega 3

Combine the diet with Yoga and meditative practices in the fresh air

oxidative stress meditation relaxation nature fresh air

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