Awareness Definition – What Is Consciousness And How Can His Evil Games Guess Be?

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Awareness define definition — awareness and understanding

Consciousness is a term that can be very difficult to define. Why is that so? How real it is and what role it has for our existence? Many philosophers and scientists deal with this issue. The simplest explanation would be the rational perception about what we are.

Awareness definition – what is consciousness and how it affects?

consciousness brain world perception lifestyle

The awareness definition is seen also on the understanding of this even. This time we want to especially with this topic deal. We would like to give some examples how awareness can make bad games with ourselves. Why such a thing happened? Probably it is because that the perception about us even by many factors, such as faith, manipulation by advertising and politicians, by prejudice or social stereotypes is marked.

Awareness definition – commercials exercise an enormous influence on human consciousness

awareness definition is affecting commercials lifestyle

For this reason we know often himself, as we begin to see things through the prism of all these factors. So we appreciate a certain situation not for current, but E.g. for past or abstract, dogmatic criteria.

Properly assess the world and the individual situations

consciousness brain intuition lifestyle

Prejudices, stereotypes

We are knowingly or unknowingly under the influence of such prejudices, stereotypes, dogmas. You are over protrude through the education or the concrete life experience. All can be somewhat helpful. Given transmit pattern past experience. This can protect us from dangers. On the other hand, it is our responsibility to check the given pattern again and update. Just as we recognize the development of things. Because in an evolved state some previously dangerous situations, people, and things can bring new opportunities.

Do you exercise some influence on you and on your worldview prejudices?

awareness definition woman hesitantly prejudices lifestyle

Limit human prejudices and stereotypes

awareness definition girls thinking about perception influence

Assess situations, things and people themselves

consciousness thinking brain man awareness define

Are you ready for new experiences?

awareness definition guessing world perception lifestyle

The perception of truth and himself

Know that, according to some experts the consciousness not hears the word ‘No’. Are aware that we cannot differentiate the own at a certain level due to the capacity of empathy from the foreign experience. Has you ever happened that a telling experience is perceived you as a child as your own.

Everyone perceives the world in his own way

consciousness brain awareness define guessing intuition

Consciousness is something abstract and complicated

awareness definition world perceiving themselves self truths perceiving

Take not everything that comes from your consciousness, as a “true coin” so. You should know that every experience has a light and a dark side. If you make decisions on the basis of past situations so, let this fact.

Properly assess the own experiences

awareness definition human brain soul consciousness

Awareness and intuition

The definition of the consciousness must not be separated according to many of the intuition. Many automatically generated feelings based on the collected there prejudice? These in turn play an important role in the decisions we make.

Make the right decision

awareness definition intuition self-confidence

Awareness and intuition are linked

consciousness brain man world perceiving

Even if you believe that we be guided us from feelings you would have to learn to separate them from consciousness and its mechanisms. How is that? This is a custom theme that is developed by many spiritual teachings and psychological theories. We are also certainly once again to speak.

Guess the consciousness and its mechanisms

awareness definition human brain lifestyle

The perception of the world is something very personal

consciousness brain is self perceiving the world views

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