Balanced Diet And Mood – They Have Something Common?

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Balanced diet ensures a good mood

In the first part of the article we explained that our diet style has a strong influence on the good and bad mood. Still we have argued why we rather speak of “bad mood” as a depression. Thirdly, we have you pointed out that the lists represent a note with “good” and “bad” food. You are not a must! It is important that every man for himself finds out what is good or bad for one.

Balanced diet – make a personal diet plan

balanced nutrition drink coffee health

It is important that you read these instructions before you look at the following list. Rather, return to the first article, if you this not carefully enough or don’t have read. It is important to read the following instructions on food with the right attitude.

Balanced diet – healthy and happy living

healthy eating good food black chocolate

To create food which promote the good mood

balanced diet food

Foods that are bad for the mood

Let’s start with the bad food. You are but common and popular. Some people even believe it would improve their mood. This is an illusion. Some of them give us energy and good mood at the moment, but in the long run they make simply addictive and fill our body with toxins.

Refined sugar

A typical example of the newly described risk of addiction is the raffen inert sugar. The current grant sugar improves our mood, but the following sudden reduction of the quantity leads to something like puss… And we poison our body to prevent the spread of healthy substances in this.

Artificial sugar substitutes

Some want to avoid the effect by sugar substitutes just described above. Actually, these make the whole thing even worse. They suppress the production of the serotonin and are thus even greater enemies of your good mood.

The general opinion is that you better reduce the sugar

balanced diet reduce chocolates sugar

Trans – fatty acids

Through regular consumption that clog your blood vessels and prevent the access of blood to the brain. Thus, they contribute in the long term to the bad mood.


Alcohol is very easily damaged nervous system.


With some people, the caffeine can also have a bad effect on the mood. If you are sensitive to this substance, then you sleep poorly. The next day, this automatically leads to a very bad mood.

Is caffeine healthy or not?

balanced diet coffee possible reason bad mood

Antibiotics and other drugs

If you are taking a medication too often you suppress the natural processes of healing in the body. These processes will be supported artificially and our bodies forget how to detect the signals according to which these can be activated. We need more and more new and new medicines and develop a kind of addiction then. The addiction is always bad for the good mood in the long run.

Different remedies are often the reason for bad mood

balanced diet grumpiness dietitian

Food for good mood

Healthy eating and a balanced diet are very good for our mood. But there are some types of food, which is faster than the other again bring us in urgent cases in the desired balance. At least this is true for most people.

Foods that support the health of the stomach-intestinal system.

The a variant is that we promote the gastric-intestinal system with healthy food. All foods that bring proven advantages in this respect, are healthy. Tea and herbs could also help.

Don’t forget to drink tea more often

tea eat healthy diet plan drink

Grow herbs at home – practical and healthy at the same time

healthy eating herbs home plant health

The healing power of herbs

healthy food good mood herbs health


The antioxidants or the foods containing them, liberate our organism from pollutants. As a result, the natural processes enable and automatically ensures a better mood. Foods with a high content of vitamin B and C are particularly important.

Mix of fruit – colored, fresh and healthy

balanced diet antioxidants fruits

Eating fruits and vegetables – our bodies need antioxidants

antioxidants eat healthy fruits vegetables good mood


Very much Quercetin contain capers according to current findings, actually more than all other foods of this world. Its consumption has a very beneficial effect on our balanced nutrition and a good mood.

Have you ever tried to make something with capers?

eat hijack healthy


Here, we’re talking about the black dark chocolate without sugar. All other varieties have lots of sugar and are therefore very harmful.

Black chocolate – a healthy treat

eat dark chocolate food health healthy

Omega 3

Omega-3 – fatty acids are very important for the health of the brain, and thus also for the good mood.

The fish contains Omega-3 fatty acid, that is why he is very healthy

eat omega 3 fish eat

St. John’s wort

Most recently we want you today would point out the herb St. John’s wort. The real St. John’s wort is one of the most common remedies for bad mood!

St. John’s Wort has a positive effect on health

balanced diet St. John's wort healthy lifestyle

Discover the beneficial properties of the St. John’s wort

balanced diet St. John's wort healthy eating tips

How do you feel after reading your article? Feed is balanced, you should hear your intuition and your inner feeling.

Listen to your body

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