Balanced Diet Goes With A Colorful Diet Easily

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Provide a balanced diet with a colorful diet

It is healthy to have many different colors in its own environment. It’s also very healthy to see them on the plate! In the following, we explain why that is important, and how we get it in practice, article. Yes, we know that you’ve read or heard similar information several times. Today, however, we write about why you should rely on a balanced diet and why it’s not just empty talk.

Balanced diet – fresh salad of avocado, oranges and almonds for healthy body

balanced diet of avbocado almond orange salad

I want to tell you in advance: the best and most effective method for a colorful diet and a balanced diet are the salads and the consumption of lots of vegetables.

To consume balanced diet – vegetables, is healthy and important

balanced diet varied food

Salads are fresh idea for dinner

balanced diet varied colored salad

The alkaline foods

There is the balance between acid and alkaline foods essential for our health. These changes all the time and is related to many factors. This includes the food, liquids, the physical activity and the General State of health.

Do you like broccoli?

balanced diet broccoli eating healthy green vegetables

For the modern man who moves not adequate, the food play a very important role. Many health experts believe that the way to better health is the larger amount of alkaline foods. These should make up to 70% of a balanced diet.

Why are fresh vegetables and ripe fruit so important?

Most of the vegetables and fruits are alkaline foods. They contain many dietary fiber and other healthy ingredients that have a beneficial effect on the human organism.

Prepare the salad with onion

salad eating healthy food healthy onion

We have created for you the following three lists. They each show the high -, medium -, and low alkaline fruit and vegetables. Of course, the lists are not full. They contain the most purchased products and can be supplemented by more.

Alkaline foods are essential for our body

food healthy eating alkaline foods

Highly alkaline vegetables and fruit are:

Leafy vegetables,

Little alkaline substances

Brussels sprouts,

Slightly alkaline or acidic fruits

Other citrus fruits.

Why should we eat lots of fruits and vegetables?

According to the just written you wonder certainly, whether we need in fact something else as leafy vegetables? A balanced diet is not alkaline, but also varied.

In addition, the colors of the different varieties of fruit and vegetables are not accidental. They tell much about it-containing healthy substances. So, each color is associated with one or other healthy addition! Here are some ideas on how to integrate vegetables in different hues in your menu!

Green vegetables

These vegetables are alkaline and that’s why you need to consume as much of it. Rather eat meat with spinach or often make up a salad! Do not forget also the delicious broccoli dishes!

Fresh broccoli salad

eat broccoli salad lifestyle

Add nuts in salad

balanced diet spinach healthy walnuts

Red fruit and vegetables

From Red vegetables, you can make delicious soups and homemade sauces. Maybe would like to a red citrus fruit between meals?

Colorful rows of lemon fruits

citrus eat varied diet

Yellow-orange fruits

These fit very well with cream soups. Also they are among some of the most delicious dessert recipes ever. You can drink and juice of ginger or prepare lemon dressing for your salad.

Lemon fruit, you can prepare delicious dressing for your salad

citrus eat healthy yellow orange red

Prepare Smoothie with orange and ginger

healthy food ginger orange smoothie lifestyle health

White vegetables and fruit

We conclude our overview with the white vegetables and fruit! You can use garlic and onion in the salad and the coconut fits to the smoothies!

Garlic gives a characteristic flavor of the food

eat garlic add cook

Healthy diet is a varied diet

balanced diet salad eating green vegetables onion

Do not neglect the fresh and seasonal vegetables. You are independent of its color always a priority for healthy nutrition. Make it an experiment: could be something more colorful than before your next salad?

Salads bring color to the dining room table

balanced food green vegetable salad

A vegetable salad satisfies the small hunger

balanced diet green vegetables healthy lifestyle

Joy for the eyes healthy for the body

healthy eating salad broccoli lifestyle

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