Beetroot Color And Mood For The Winter

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beetroot arrange

Beet brings the body back in order

Today, it’s about a winter vegetable, which is unfortunately not very popular to my best knowledge and belief. ¬†There is hardly a person who cannot recognize at the weekly market. She looks like a normal beet, but has an exceptionally strong saturated magenta color. Exactly! The article today is about her Majesty – the red beets and their health and culinary qualities.

It is time to learn the benefits of Red beds

beetroot fresh Gepfluckt


The Red beet or beetroot is native to the Mediterranean region and was brought to Central and Western Europe by the Romans. In Germany, the beetroot is regarded as a typical winter vegetable. Swiss chard and beet are akin to the red beets. All three are ready to be harvested usually in July and August. In Switzerland, in Austria and Beyern akin to red vegetables under the name edge or Rahner. Most commonly, the tuber is raw or cooked used, but also the leaves are in many cases.

The strongly coloured vegetables is good for bile and liver

beetroot cut

The typical color and special form of Red beds are instantly recognizable

beetroot Rosa

Heart and blood vessels also benefit from the healthy vegetables

beetroot root


The bright red color of vegetables is located on the high loading Tanin concentration, which is why the plant for some time has been used as a food coloring. In addition, the beetroot red stimulates the function of liver cells and keeps the bile. This in turn ensures a proper metabolism and good elimination.

The heart and the blood vessels are kept fit and in shape by eating the Red beds. The blood pressure is regulated by the qualities of the Red beds and the mood improves. Blood-binding properties are also prescribed the Red beds on the basis of their rich iron content. Folic acid also donates the Red beet and is recommended particularly pregnant women like.

Is the beetroot how many vegetables also in August flan

beetroot plants

The beetroot distributes grief in the dark months and increases good mood

beetroot average

The bulb of the beds is rich in iron and folic acid

beetroot slices


The tuber of Red beds offered more often than whole plant on the market, although both for human consumption are suitable. The Red bulb can be processed to the salad with carrots and apples. Fresh juices, combined with celery invigorate the body, particularly in the dark and cold months. We know the beetroot as a supplement to the smoked salmon and herring fillet with boiled potatoes. In the Russian deli jars are a very typical with Borsch sold for Central and Eastern Europe includes vegetable soup, the beetroot. Gazpacho tastes good also from Red beds and must necessarily be tried.

Many dessert recipes are more and more combined with beetroot, but we write about in the second part of this article!

Up under a nice time!

Fresh vegetable juices should not be missing in the autumn and winter

beetroot close

The beetroot juice invigorates and cleanses the body

red beet gazpacho

The juice of red beets has blood-binding effect

beetroot juice

The gazpacho from the Red vegetables is easy, healthy and original

beetroot Borsch

Whatever the beetroot fits smoked salmon or Prosciutto to the light dinner

beetroot smoked salmon

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