Bike Accessories For Kids – What Type Of Equipment You Should Buy?

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Bicycle accessories bike accessorizing accessories funny

Bicycle accessories, who love the children

Cycling is one of the favorite activities in the free by young and old. We can only confirm that. If the weather is nice and the Sun is shining outside, we want to spend our leisure time under the open sky. Do you have a better idea than a pleasant bike ride in the park or in the great outdoors?

Most children learn fairly early, even with two or three years, cycling and spending like to much time on the bike. Especially during the summer holidays, the vehicle is the best friend of every child. And as such, he needs full equipment – a few cool accessories that give great pleasure the little. Should we check about what equipment exactly your sprout huge would rejoice? Here is our list with 15 Bicycle accessories that every bike needs.

Accessories for childrens bike

Bicycle accessories colorful decoration themselves make bicycle Franzen

1. bicycle Franzen

The bicycle Franzen are very popular with the small girl. The HelloKitty bicycle Franzen are just the results, but not the only way. You could even own tinker bicycle Franzen. Be inspired by our examples below and get started. It’s easy to make such bicycle Franzen.

Accessories for children bike yourself tinker

Bicycle accessories colorful decoration themselves make children Bicycle accessories bike Franzen

DIY bicycle Franzen with button and elastic band

Bicycle accessories bike Franzen himself making

The same model in red

Bicycle accessories bike Franzen himself making red

2. bicycle Bell

The bicycle Bell could be paint with colored figures themselves or simply buy a funny ring. There are very many interesting models on the market, great spice up the bike.

Even painted bicycle bells

Bicycle accessories bike Bell brightly funny Kids Bike Accessories

“I ♥ my bike”

Bicycle accessories bike Bell original Kids Bike Accessories

Candy colors and cute

Bicycle accessories bike Bell Kids Bike Accessories

3. chalk traces

“Chalktrail” means the children colored chalk traces the chalk with the thing which are mounted together back on the bike and so can draw characters on the asphalt. Cool, or?

Create works of art

Bicycle accessories chalk traces leave Kids Bike Accessories

Colored figures on the asphalt

bike accessories chalk traces leave Kids Bike Accessories Chalktrail


Bicycle accessories chalk lane for Kids Bike Accessories Chalktrail

4 spoke beads

It can’t do without fancy colourful spoke beads . The little things with different shapes give the bike a cool look.

It should be smart and cool!

Bicycle accessories spoke beads Kids Bike Accessories

5. reflector

If not with beads, then pretty you bicycle spokes with radiant reflectors. Here, various shapes and designs are possible.

Not only aesthetic but also practical

Bicycle accessories reflector Kids Bike Accessories

6 tape with fun patterns

Redesign the bike. Can be that the bike of your child is not the latest and the coolest model. It is however not a problem. There are many ways to spice up the old bike. One of them is the use of duck tape.

Create duck tape Street look

Bicycle accessories tape stripes colorful Kids Bike Accessories

7 water bottles

Don’t forget the water bottle! These should look but of course also cool. So you will be sure that your child drinks enough water a day.

Healthy habits

Bicycle accessories water bottle Kids Bike Accessories

8 bike tassels

The tassels are a further decorative items, which you can use to decorate the children’s bike.

Simple design to which adolescent girls are

Bicycle accessories bike tassels Kids Bike Accessories

9 bicycle headlight

The dog shows the way in the dark

Bicycle accessories bicycle headlight dog Kids Bike Accessories

10 bike lock

Bike locks for toddlers

bike accessories bike lock Bunny funny Kids Bike Accessories

11 bike windmill

Bicycle Franzen without bike windmill? Both accessories are perfectly complementary.

When the wind blows…

Bicycle accessories bike windmill Kids Bike Accessories

12 bicycle helmet

The bicycle helmets for children should be fun and colorful as all other Bicycle accessories. So, the child has the desire, volunteered to wear the helmet.

Bicycle helmet with colorful dots on it

Bicycle accessories helmet colorful points Kids Bike Accessories

Helmet for little princesses

Bicycle accessories helmet for princesses Kids Bike Accessories

13 knee pads and elbow pads

Also the protectors are protective equipment. Knee and elbow protectors with cool design give the wounds a chance.

Knee pads and elbow pads with flower pattern in purple and Pink for girls

Bicycle accessories Knieschohner and elbow pads Kids Bike Accessories

14 seat

So how did the parents of child seat on the bicycle, so even small girls looking for a seat for the doll.

The world imitate the adults

bicycle accessories baby seat Kids Bike Accessories

Child seats for the dolls

Bicycle accessories baby seats for dolls Kids Bike Accessories

15 exhaust with sound

And what are guys? The Turbospoke exhaust with sound your boy will definitely delight, or? What do you think, dear fathers?

Turbospoke exhaust with sound

Bicycle accessories bike exhaust with sound kids bike accessories of Turbospokes

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