Biorhythmus-about What Type Of Belonging To You?

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Biorhythm oversleeping

How the Biorhythm affects our lives?

Already in antiquity, it was aware of the impact of the biorhythms on our lives. Confidence, if you wanted to heal a person. So, our knowledge about it is not yesterday. We can very well understand the Biorhythm if we want. The Biorhythm is examined intensively for many centuries.

According to many researchers, the knowledge also plays an important role in all aspects of life. You can contribute to the success, or that prevent us, no matter whether it is a new hairstyle or life-saving OP.

There are times of the day in which we are simply more powerful

Biorhythm illustration

Some professions are good though, but upset our rhythm

Biorhythm doctors

The various cycles

The Biorhythm consists of different cycles that happen within a longer or shorter period in our organism. At a certain time, we want to sleep and relax. There’s Yes moments like these, when we are more active and productive than usual. If you, if you absolutely need sleep, force located in the phase to work, this can severely impact E.g. very their emotional stability.

Is important to know is that each cycle of the biorhythms of high and lows has., there are i.e. phases of high and shutdown.

We are often powerless against our biological clock

Biorhythm body

Long duration of the flight and the so-called jet lag could harm your own rhythm

Biorhythm destroyed Jatlag

Type “OWL”, especially in the creative fields who work much better at night there are people

Biorhythm nightwork

Physical, emotional and intellectual Biorhythm

Still, it’s good to know that there is a physical, emotional and intellectual Biorhythm. The physical has to do with our working capacity and endurance. The cycle is 23 days. They are pretty focused and fresh at the beginning and at the end you get distracted even by little things.

The emotional Biorhythm lasts about 28 days. Of our emotions and moods are determined. There is critical and positive day. It has to do something with it, when we are more relaxed and patient, and when we are irritated.

Neurons and neurotransmitters are responsible for our habits

Biorhythm neurons

You can consider lucky if you have recognized your own rhythm

Biorhythm harmony with nature

The intellectual Biorhythm is crucial for your ability to perceive information and draw. Also within which there are critical days and such, where everything from work alone.

Bring our everyday lives in accordance with the Biorhythm

This is not an easy task, as you can imagine probably myself. There are many different theories about it. They say when we should can eat more, for example, or rather fast. According to some research, the biorhythms for the effectiveness of some drugs plays an important role.

Watch yourself and adapt everyday at your pace

Biorhythm biological clock figure

The three layers – model there are hardly any in Europe

Biorhythm night shift

We believe you should first try to understand your biorhythms. The easiest is to be aware of. So, you would know that you need to control himself on the emotionally critical days. As a result, you raise no unnecessary conflict at work.

Calculate the Biorhythm

There are online programs through which you can calculate your Biorhythm. The only thing you need to do, is to specify your date of birth. The comparison of biorhythms are particularly popular. According to some researchers, you can see whether two people fit well together or not.

People who must be reachable around the clock, constantly suffering from arrhythmia

Biorhythm police

But even in difficult situations, we can listen to our body

Biorhythm purple

How much you give credence to these tables, is more your thing. Our recommendation is that you see not as fatal, at least. An important meeting on a day you not in best condition are can only mean that you should ensure your peace of mind before better.

There’s nothing worse than waking up in the morning tired

Biorhythm standing up

There are people who suffer from sleep disorders for several reasons

Biorhythm various

One of them may be lifelong work in layers

Biorhythm shift work in the factory

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