Bright And Floral Elegant Women’s Pants For Summer 2017

2017 surprised with a great variety in the tendencies of the ladies’ trousers. Both jeans, as well as wide and tight trousers are announced. There is something special about the last ones – they are very strongly influenced by the Floral prints controlled. The flowers are now transferred to other pants by pants. Here are some great examples that will help you to dress the colorful pants properly.

Bright, eye-catching looks often include women’s trousers in floral patterns

Brown red floral pattern on a black background

Women’s Pants – Style of the 80s

Obviously the designers would like to keep getting ideas from the 80s . The ladies’ trousers with floral patterns are also due to this time. At that time the Boho Chic and the Hippie inspired fashion prevailed.

Established brands such as Zara include patterned women’s trousers in their collections

Zara hose floral pattern

Where did we see them?

How do we conclude that the 80s floral trousers are fashionable? We saw them on fashionpots, but also in the collections of many well-known brands and partly on the street since the beginning of the spring.

Picturesque floral motifs are not a rarity on women’s pants 2017


Colorful ladies’ trousers of modern brands

Especially at Modebrands you will find the great modern ladies’ pants with patterns at a number of suppliers. We would like to pay special attention to the collections of Alaexander Wang, Salvatore Ferragamo, Mary Katranzou, Osman, Thakoon, Isabel Marant and J. Krew.

Pants to go out floral pattern

Chic evening dress with floral pants

It is important that you keep your modern and super-modern look despite the reference to the 80s. As a rule, you can reach this relatively easily through a chic top. This should appear neutral, but also super elegant. You will get such an effect by the Buy a leather jacket E. Equally gleaming – glossy and in a color corresponding to the top should be the most also the shoes. For the summer the pump sandals would be ideal.

Properly elegant looks reach you with a white top and blazer

Tight ladies pants colorful floral pattern

Hot look with a white top and blazer

Combine for a very hot look a white top and with a blazer in this color. For this you can also put a very tight cut on all elements except the upper part.

For the office you can combine the wide ladies ‘trousers with an elegant ladies’ blouse

Sheer summer pants ornaments

Elegant look with ladies’ blouse

In the summer, the ladies’ business wardrobe can be a little more relaxed. Here is an idea for this: Choose an elegant trousers with straight cut with floral patterns and a plain sheer blouse for the top. Everything seems more formal, as soon as you take an elegant Damensakko.

With floral women’s pants you can easily achieve an individual look

Tight floral panties

Suitable for the individual style

Because we find a great variety in fabrics and colors, the floral patterned pants are suitable for every occasion. They can always be adapted to their own style. As far as the events are concerned, the easiest way to get a look for your everyday life or work. With the matching textiles and combinations, however, you can also get a great evening look!

Eye-catching floral pattern on black

Thin floral pattern wide ladies pants


Exotic pattern ornaments

Flarale ornaments on black women's trousers

Floral pattern on blue background

Floral pattern on black close ladies pants

Gafic design and floral patterns on tight trousers

Bright spring colors ladies pants

Monochrome black design with floral patterns

Pink purple red floral pattern


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