Can The Classic Sauna Replace The Infrared Cabin?

infrared cabin test sauna or infrared cabin

Infra-red cabin as an alternative to the classical sauna

The infrared cabin is a gentle alternative to the classic sauna and can be incorporated into almost any bathroom. The function is simple and many knows it perhaps also by the infrared heat lamp. The body is not warmed over steam, as for example in the Finnish sauna, but over the gentle heat of the infrared rays. The heat is between 25 and 65 degrees Celsius and is not as high as in the classic sauna. Because the temperature is not so high, you must insert the use also no respite. The use of the infrared cabin offers many advantages for health.

Infrared cabin test classic sauna infrared heat cabins

Home to enjoy the pleasant warmth of the infrared cabin

The warmth of the infrared rays on the skin enters the body, this promotes blood circulation, relieves muscle tension and stress can be reduced. The immune system can be strengthened through the use of the cabin. As perceived by the warmth of the infrared rays as very pleasant and the temperature is lower, is the normal sauna, the infrared cabin can be used also by sensitive people and children. The manufacturer’s instructions to be observed are the exact use.

infrared cabin test classic sauna or infrared heat cabins

Cabins for any bathroom

Heat cabins, as infrared cabins are also called, are enjoying increasing popularity in recent years. The selection is great, so that you can find a matching infrared cabin for almost any bathroom. Alternatively it can place the cabin in a developed basement. Cabins can be ordered in a rectangular, square or sometimes hexagonal design. Temperature, time, outdoor light, LED color light therapy and reading lamp, are the extras that can be ordered optionally. Noble woods in combination with other high-quality materials create a modern atmosphere in the private bathroom. Instead of an expensive visit to the next Temple of wellness, you can create is home this with an infra-red cabin in the bathrooms themselves. Evening after a busy day, on weekends as a personal break with an modern infrared cabin to create the bath in the blink of an eye to the own wellness oasis.

infrared cabin test classic sauna or infrared cabin