Can You Really Lose Weight By Acupuncture?

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remove Acupuncture needles traditional Chinese medicine

Lose weight by acupuncture? Is it really possible?

What risks does an acupuncture? Can be also removed by this? Is this approach in fact also be healthy?

Weight loss Acupuncture and health

remove acupuncture tips tricks Chinese medicine

Selectively remove by acupuncture therapy

Chinese medicine weight loss acupuncture tricks

The ears

In fact, there are certain points which you can strongly influence the internal secretions on the ears. So, one can improve some functions that could optimize the metabolism also. By certain acupuncture therapy are also able to block appetite. Stabbing certain points which are connected with the reflector mechanisms in the stomach. Get rescued before the feeling of hunger, which many people suffer from overweight, feeling.

Certain points at the ears are dealt with

remove acupuncture points ears Chinese medicine

Alternative methods for sustainable weight loss

remove acupuncture points ears treatment

Influence of cellulite by acupuncture

Slimming with acupuncture can be done also by the influence of the cellulite and cellulite. The latter arise because of problems with the blood circulation. There are many successful therapies, especially in the area of electro-acupuncture.

The blood circulation is stimulated

remove the acupuncture points of Chinese medicine

How big is the danger of a failure?

There is no 100% guarantee for the success of a treatment such as at the most healing. To assess on the basis of previous experience, that are 10% of people unable to heal himself through acupuncture. The doctors can estimate but quickly it. Usually, the critical patients is people who feel a great fear of pain of the piercing with the nails.

Prerequisite for success: no fear of needles

remove acupuncture points ears Chinese medicine treatment

How much can you lose weight by acupuncture

People who want to make between 5 and 6 kilos, can achieve this within two to three weeks. Within this period, 4 to 5 treatments are necessary. Parallel but must comply with a specific food regime.

What should you expect from an acupuncture therapy?

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Important advice

We would like to announce some important advice and objections regarding of losing weight by acupuncture. First of all you should aim for drastic weight loss thus, nor with other therapies. Even in the most obese people, there should be no more than 10 kilos per month. Ideally, it would 5-6 kilos per month. Within half a year, one would have to lose 30 kilos.

Optimal goal: 30 kg of less for half a year

remove acupuncture points face Chinese medicine

Acupuncture should be accompanied by other measures. You get optimal results if you combine several methods to remove. Consider a diet with acupuncture and massage therapy in consideration.

Acupuncture, massage and diet in combination

remove acupuncture tips tricks spine points

There are target groups where the acupuncture should not be applied. These many risks may arise. Pregnant women are affected by these circumstances, people with many infections, patients threatened by creating reports.

For whom is an acupuncture therapy not suitable?

Chinese medicine weight loss Acupuncture needles

A heritage of Chinese medicine

We would thus conclude that acupuncture is a range from Chinese medicine. There it was used 5000 years ago. Trust and understanding for the Eastern medical methods were so important for the success of these measures.

Trust traditional Chinese medicine!

Chinese medicine weight loss acupuncture points

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