Caravan And Roof Top Tents Off The Grid Rentals From California

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caravan 4WD camping

Caravans and other off-grid camping opportunities

Determines many of you have the dream to live independently and totally light hearted in nature or at least to camp. Often, the problem is that it has left no 20 000 thousand euros to send caravans. The experts from off the grid rentals from California have thought about a possible solution. The company rented easily different grid camping facilities such as fully equipped trailer and SUV with roof tent. The idea for the establishment of the company came from its owner Nizar Najm, who is an avid fanatic of fresh air. He had often had the dilemma of the independent Camping with his family. The rental of mobile homes and other trip arrangements for more than two people has proved almost always very complicated.

So, off the grid rentals provides now everything you need for a pleasant stay in the nature. We will present you the three main variations for your camping. These are the Teardrop trailer, the car home Columbus medium and the car home air top medium. All these variants are decorated with roof tent and provide extra sleeping space.

The Teardrop trailer has not only an elegant shape of the tears, but features a wide mattress for two adults. The Teardrop weighs only 560 kilograms and can be appended to any any terrain cheeks. The electronic brake controller facilitates and speeds up the stop. The cabin itself is socket, with AM/FM/CD radio with iPod input, LED lights, 12V USB outputs and shelves equipped. In a special chest of drawers on the rear side there are a gas stove with two hot plates, built-in LED bar, sink, a water tank with electronic pump and optionally an ARB fridge. The storage boxes front has enough space for chairs, BBQ, toys, firewood and much more.

Smooth design and perfect facilities

caravan SUV equipment

Comfortable enough sleeping space

trailer SUV camping Netzunabhängig

Small gas stove with two hot plates

trailer SUV gas cooker

A convenient, mobile kitchen

trailer SUV Netzunabhängig

Uncomplicated and compact camping go

trailer SUV oval shapes

The Columbus medium variant offers simplicity, fast and lightweight construction, light weight and a sleek aerodynamic design. This roof tent can be mounted on any any vehicle. It has direct access from all sides by an aluminium ladder. The construction of the Columbus is unique. It has been built on an inner frame and isolated the Interior completely from the outside world in this way. Condensation under the mattress is almost set to minimum and if randomly moisture penetrates into the roof tent, being sent away from the mattress.

The Columbus medium – light and space-saving

caravan 4WD pickup tent

Accessible from all sides

caravan 4WD pick up tent

Traditional triangular shape

caravan SUV caravan

The new air top medium has a lot to offer – easy set up, great Interior, heat and a comfort and durability. In this variant, there are three entrances and a large window on the front. The standard features of air are top:

integrated 5 cm thick mattress
3 doors
Adjustable aluminium ladder
large window
Mosquito net
2 small arch window for better ventilation and condensation reduction
Zippers on the Windows
simple, adjustable closure strap
generous storage network

Air top – premium insulation and plenty of space

caravan 4WD air top

An unforgettable nature experience

caravan 4WD air top tent camping

Teardrop and Airtop – a read combination for real connoisseurs

caravan SUV full equipment

Top air is universal and easy to build

trailer SUV tent head

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