Carrot Cooking, But Please Also With The Foliage!

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healthy eating recipes carrots cooking with leaves

Want to cook carrots? Well, then take this but also the leaves!

Most people somehow don’t know actually look like the real carrots. Because they have not only the red part. They have also rods and sheets. And what you’re not even aware when the carrots – cooking, is the fact that you would have to make all same time an absolutely healthy mixture.

How healthy are carrots?

carrots cooking healthy food leaves carrots food

The carrot leaves are no exception. You are also quite healthy

carrots cooking with leaves recipes ideas

Important objection!

You should remember that only then would have to take to the leaves and rods during the cooking of carrots, if you are sure that these are not been sprayed with chemicals. Because otherwise this may cause damage to your health, but.

Fresh carrots from the garden

healthy life tips carrots cooking with leaves

Baby carrots Cook

carrots cooking baby carrots with Blüttern food

What worry is likely to make you

Many people are of the opinion that the leaves of the carrots are toxic because they taste very bitter. But this taste is just on the alkaloids containing in many other vegetables, such as peppers, tomatoes, potatoes and eggplant. If you are not allergic to these substances, you should not worry. As well as with Arugula, just this bitterness contributes to a special and extravagant taste.

The leaves of the carrots are definitely toxic

healthy life tips carrots cooking with leaves

The healthy properties of carrot leaves

Now, as always, we have some ‘healthy’ arguments as to why you would have to accept the leaves when the carrots cooking. You help to improve the kidney function. They are also a source of chlorophyll, and it helps very much with the cleansing of the blood. If leaves the carrots when cooking to take, has much more potassium in your dish. As you probably know, this fabric makes healthy our meals very.

Carrot leaves -a rich source of chlorophyll

easy eating tips carrots cooking with leaves salad

Healthy green smoothies – add carrot leaves

carrots cooking healthy food Smooty drinking

How can you eat it

You can add the carrot leaves to many dishes. Soups are first and foremost. Wonderful, you can combine it with many kinds of root vegetables. They are also for green salad and quinoa.

How can the carrot leaves – eaten in different dishes

healthy living carrots cooking with leaves vegetable soup with corn

In cream soups

carrots cooking light food summer soups

Tasty cream soup of carrots

carrots cooking cream soup cooking ideas

As a condiment in salad

healthy life tips carrots cooking with leaves salad

But also as an important part

carrots cooking the leaves also use

More tasty recipes with carrot leaves

carrots cooking vegetable salad prepared with carrot leaves

Boil all parts of carrots

healthy life tips carrots cooking with leaves pesto preparation

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