Celery Cooking – Something Quite Another Try

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celery prepare Filadelfia

How to prepare celery

Decades long the celery is regarded as mere vegetables, until it unfolds as a healthy delicacy and completely can demonstrate their potential. Usually as a raw food, soup, or as an ingredient in juice, the celery taste, heals and improves your health. The celery is a very coveted medicinal herb that is used in naturopathy, especially for rheumatic complaints, or high blood pressure, for thousands of years.

You can the whole celery raw or cooked consume

celery perennial

The celery contains a lot of vitamins and especially very little calories has about 8 kcal per 100 g. The celery can be processed to the salad or different, slightly wholesome dishes. The celery juice should have a rejuvenating and aphrodisiac effect.

We can not count on in how many ways you can prepare celery, in an article, that’s why we limit ourselves to three recipes that can be prepared from the same perennial.

The taste of celery takes some getting the fragrances, unique

celery prepare black

From the leaves and the bars you can prepare juices and salads

celery cooking recipe

Celery juice

Vegetable juices are good and who regularly drinks it, do without on dietary supplements. To prepare a celery juice, would be very good if you have a juicer. Class, Apple, carrot and lemon complement the flavor of the celery.

Select a crispy and fresh celery. Remove the bulb and wash off the poles and the leaves thoroughly with cold water.

You put 4 rods, 2 tart apples and 1 carrot in the juicer. Pour the result in glasses, with the juice of a lemon or an orange, refine and enjoy.

The leaf green detoxifies and revitalizes heals

celery cooking recipe sheets

Detoxifying and rejuvenating properties are prescribed the celery juice

celery cooking recipe juice

From the celery stalks you can prepare fast, very original and healthy snacks

celery prepare Rod sheet

You should cut a celery only through 4 and use as bed spreads and fillings

celery cut through bars making

Appetizer of celery stalks

For this you need specimens also crispy and juicy. Divorce a celery, depending on their size through so many parts, as it is appropriate for you.  Prepare a paste with your favorite ingredients, such as cheese, and fill it, as shown in the photo, the celery stalks. Their guests and family members will be definitely delighted by this small culinary surprise.

Celery goes well well with cream cheese or mascarpone

celery cooking recipe large celery rods

Tuna with carrots and spicy seeds is impressive, healthy and easily digestible

celery prepare Rod

Soup celery tuber

Simple and digestible also our last Vorschlag-is the soup. For this, you need the tuber of celery, a small cup of washed rice, a piece of butter, lemon juice, salt, pepper, and 200 g of Gouda, Emmentaler or Permesan cheese or other cheese for garnish.

Brushing the celery tuber is slightly cumbersome, but worth every effort.

It is somewhat cumbersome to clean the bulb, but worth every effort

prepare celery tuber

If the cubes are cooked, take the soup off the heat

celery cooking cubes

Afterwards you can stomp the small root pieces or puree and enjoy with crisp bread

prepare celery cream soup

The Selleriekolle wash and dice. Bring to a boil in a pot of cold water and the celery dice at the closed lid. When the water boils, add rice and butter. When the rice is cooked, take the pot from the heat and season with salt and pepper. In a small bowl, Beat egg and stir it until fluffy with a cup of yogurt. In addition some more lemon juice. Carefully mix the soup with egg yogurt mixture. As long as the soup is hot, rub the cheese into it.

Another way is to fry the celery like baked potatoes with carrots

prepare celery carrots

That can add variety to your eating habits

celery cooking oven

Escalopes from celery tuber – it tastes fantastic and enthusiastic also the connoisseurs

prepare celery schnitzel

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