Chanel Bags – Fashion Icons Among Hand Bags

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Chanel bags – fashion icons among hand bags

A designer to have purse – of which dreams every fashion and style-conscious woman. If you’re reading this, then are you obsessed with a designer to decorate the bag probably also from the idea, or?

There are many beautiful luxury bags, but only some of them are true icons in the hand bags. And so one is the Chanel bag 2.55, which brought Coco Chanel in February 1955 on the market. The precious designer bag is characterised by timeless elegance and is very convenient to do so. The bag has 5 trays that wife Chanel has – thought through to the smallest detail 2 large compartments, a smaller one in the Middle, a pocket on the back and a hidden compartment inside.

You think perfect order should prevail in this lady’s pocket, because this was indeed inspired by military pocket. But in a way, it is only a proud owner of a Chanel can say bag…

Handbags by Chaneldesigner handbags chanel bags catwalk fashion bag Hula Hoop

The small black quilted bag with burgunderfarbenem lining and double chain belt in gold will make sure that the woman finally has your hands free. The women of the innovative designer Coco have thanks to Chanel, which drew more inspiration from the wardrobe of the man. In this case, Chanel has found inspiration in the equestrian, whose passionate fan she even was.

Chanel Handbags from the catwalk

Chanel Handbags designer bags Chanel accessories

In the 80s of the 20th century, the iconic handbag has been modified by Karl Lagerfeld, the new artistic director of the House of Chanel. The Chanel logo adorned the closing with the double C, which has earlier introduced Lagerfeld now and the chain handles are intertwined with leather straps. The new refined version is named 11.12.

The iconic flap bag 2.55

chanel bags handbags it bags designertaschen books

She refined variant of Karl Lagerfeld It Bag 11.12

Chanel Handbags designer bags chanel bag Karl Lagerfeld

One of the most sought after hot hand pockets of the world

Some interesting facts about the working process

From the pattern up to the finished bag, it is around 180 individual work steps in the House of Chanel. About 6 to 15 workers are busy with the production of a Chanel 2.55 bag. After five years of work experience, it is permitted to be involved in the production of the bags icon. The production of a 2.55 takes about 15 hours.

Style on the go

chanel handbag designer bags iconic Chanel bag

The 2.55 bag named after her official date of birth – February 1955

More classic Chanel bag models are the “Bag Boy” and “Girl Bag”. Both are creations of Karl Lagerfeld, who has 33 years is responsible for the distinctive style of Chanel.

Chanel Bag Boy was named after Arthur Boy Capel – one of love in the life of Coco Chanel. The model is relatively new in the autumn/winter collection 11/12. The Boy Bag has a masculine look, emphasized by the thick and heavy chain and the massive logo Cap. The model is on the market in 5 different sizes to find – from mini to maxi.

Chanel Handbags – classic models

chanel bags designer handbags models

Boy bagchanel bags handbags Chanel boy

In black and white with a gold chain

chanel bags Chanel Handbags designer bags 11.12

Girl bag came with the spring/summer collection by 2015 to the world and is a tribute to the iconic tweed jacket by Coco Chanel.

Girl bag

chanel bags handbags Chanel small girl bag

More models and variations of the above chanel bags see including our small gallery. Enjoy the Immaculate designer bags and who knows, maybe you could have one soon too…

Chanel Handbags at a glance

Chanel Handbags designer bags chanel bag transparentChanel Handbags designer bags chanel bag LEGO brick blackChanel Handbags designer bags chanel bag leather red cherrychanel bags handbags 11.12 blackChanel Handbags designer bags chanel bag silverChanel hand bags designer bags designer fashion Chaneldesigner handbags Chanel 2.55 bagsdesigner handbags chanel bags chanel boy handbagsdesigner handbags chanel bags iconic modelsdesigner handbags chanel bags Karl LagerfeldChanel Handbags designer bags chanel bag 11.12

Chanel Handbags designer bags chanel leather bag beigedesigner handbags chanel bags Paris fashiondesigner handbags chanel bags black white

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