Chinese Acupuncture: Heal Your Body And Your Soul

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Heal your body and soul with acupuncture

Officially drops the acupuncture still to the field of alternative medicine. Actually, it is so popular and is preferred so often, that she can be recognized practically for an official method of healing. Chinese acupuncture is recommended very often and that is why it is important that we us all well versed.

So we are incompetent “healers” not to the victims. The Chinese perception of human body and mind behind the acupuncture

Chinese Acupuncture

Chinese medicine Chinese Acupuncture and acupressure

The principles of acupuncture

According to Chinese philosophy, the human body is far from something more than institutions that are connected to each other and work together just fine. The Chinese consider him for a physical appearance of the fine mental body, so as a material manifestation of what we would call a soul.

Still it is believed that the Qi energy throughout the entire body runs and keeps him alive in this way. It is important for our health that within our mind and body of the masculine Yang energy and the female Yin are energy in balance.

Healing methods of traditional Chinese medicine

Chinese acupuncture points face Chinese medicine

The yin and Yang energies should be in balance

Chinese Acupuncture needles Chinese medicine yin and Yang

If you are teaching well versed in Feng Shui, you’ve already certainly discovered the Parallels to the just said. Feng Shui, as well as acupuncture is based on the realization that the world is based on five elements.  These main elements match in the main organs of the human body: the wood is equivalent to the liver and the bile; The Sun finds a counterpart in the Därmern and the heart. The Earth is associated with the spleen and the stomach. Metal is associated with the lung and the large intestine and the water with the kidneys and bladder.

Acupuncture points on the human body

Chinese Acupuncture full body points Chinese medicine

Chinese Acupuncture – an ancient healing art

Chinese Acupuncture ancient traditional Chinese medicine

Acupuncture needles

Chinese Acupuncture needles Chinese medicine

According to the teaching of acupuncture, there is an arrangement of these elements. You are more or less in the order mentioned. If an internal organ is sick, which means that the corresponding element needs to be strengthened.

Points on the ear

Chinese Acupuncture ear points Chinese medicine

In addition, respectively the corresponding organs need to be strengthened. Still, it is believed that certain points on our skin correspond to each organ or element. Here comes the role of nails. They stick to specific points on the skin with nails to strengthen certain institutions, or others to weaken. So you make it directly to influence the health of the human body, without any intervention or medicine in the form of chemical agents or other additives.

Stabbing certain points on the skin with nails to strengthen certain organs

Chinese Acupuncture needles methods healing Chinese medicine

Health for body and soul

Chinese Acupuncture Chinese medicine healthy living

Trust the wisdom of the ancient Chinese

Chinese Acupuncture Chinese medicine curative effect

Acupuncture or acupressure

There’s a big difference between these two terms and you must confuse them so far from each other. Acupressure reminds us more of massage. This is also the older healing method, which aimed to improve the health status of various organs. The technique with the nails came up later, which showed a better effect. After all, there are some specialists who prefer to still the acupressure before acupuncture. This always depends on the patient.  Some people feel more comfortable, if treated with acupressure, instead of using acupuncture. We think you should try out the two methods, and select it, where you feel comfortable, and that shows a better effect in your case.

Acupressure reminds us more of massage

Chinese Acupuncture and acupressure Chinese medicine healthy life

Acupressure is an older healing method than acupuncture

Chinese Acupuncture and acupressure difference Chinese medicine

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