Chinese Lunar Calendar – What The Phases Of The Moon Actually Represent?

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Chinese lunar calendar 2015 phases of the Moon

The Chinese lunar calendar, today

Today will be the speech of the Chinese calendar and Chinese lunar calendar. It’s two different terms. It is important to distinguish the two, especially if you believe in zodiac signs. The Chinese calendar represents a repeat of 12 cycles. These represent each a year. The next will start on 19 February 2015 and last until the 07.02.2016.

Chinese lunar calendar

Chinese lunar calendar moon phase

In this cycle, there are two other distinctive aspects of the effect – yin and Yang. After these the different animals are separated, where once the female, even the male energy more strongly dominated. Also, the various elements with alternating intensity affect by this zodiac sign. Sometimes water, sometimes air, fire and Earth are more important for the personal development of individuals and our communities and large.

Phases of the Moon

Chinese lunar calendar all phases of the Moon

by 2015 the year of the goat

Chinese lunar calendar Chinese horoscope

What are actually represent the phases of the Moon?

The change of the Moon position relative to the Sun and the planets in the solar system is the lunar calendar. Long time man has used exactly these phases as the basis for the time dimension.

All phases of the Moon at a glance

Chinese lunar calendar all phases of the Moon In the overview

In contrast to the West keep it is still in many ways. The twelfth moon phase, which begins always at different times according to the official calendar, complete with big celebrations. Not only the new year, but also many other festivals celebrated then according to the Chinese lunar calendar.

Chinese lunar calendar 2015

Chinese lunar calendar today January 2015, phases of the Moon

The Chinese lunar calendar

The Chinese lunar calendar refers to the individual cycles within the great. It’s representing the phases of the moon to the full moon.  It has never named marked but these phases. They had only a number, to determine their order. The week in this Chinese lunar calendar takes longer. It consists of 10 days. For recreation, you have figures 1,11,21 every time. So perhaps it is because that the Chinese can work as effectively. For many years they are used on the basis of their lunar calendar, to have less holidays.

A modern Moon calendar that fits in your Pocket

Chinese lunar calendar today 2015 phases of the Moon

The influence of Chinese culture

Chinese lunar calendar Chinese tradition

Chinese calendar

Chinese lunar calendar today moon phases

Table with the phases of the Moon for the year 2015

Chinese lunar calendar date Moonphase 2015

The Chinese lunar calendar and traditions

As in all other ancient civilizations, the lunar calendar was strong also with agriculture and its development. But the differences to our “rational” or material traditions are always current with modernity.

Chinese tradition

Chinese lunar calendar today moon phase Chinese tradition

Because the connection between the Chinese lunar calendar and daily life was never really lost in this country. It is also for the most part that people are there healthier and more balanced in many respects, if China is not ideal of course.

Moon calendar

Chinese lunar calendar 2015 Chinese tradition

In Chinese

Chinese lunar calendar horoscope Astologie

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