Choose The Right Bridal Shoes

How to choose the right wedding shoes?

Every bride wants to be the most beautiful on her wedding day! The wedding dress is the most important for the perfect look of the bride, but the appropriate and fitting Bridal Shoes are still very important. The day X – the wedding day is not only the most important in life, but certainly the longest. Therefore, the combination of style and comfort is easy duty.

We have listed some points for you, that have the aim to help you choose the perfect Bridal Shoes!

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In the first place, the convenience is

As we have already mentioned, your wedding day will be quite long. Greetings, many dances and the posing for wedding photos are all things that are depleting. The comfortable Bridal Shoes are one thing you should not skip. Select always a shoe form, which needs no tension at the foot. This we did find on the new models from the upper collection by Werner Kern, which offer wonderful fit and elegance.

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The right heel height

The wedding shoes are offered in different models and with different heel height. But the most important thing is that you can run it. Again in the Werner core bridal collection, we have found open and closed Bridal Shoes with different heel heights that promise an extra comfort through special leather sole. We find a nice model of the closed wedding shoes such as the Betty 6.5 satin white model.

But you must not forget that the amount of the paragraph changed the length of the wedding dress.

Materials, textiles and decoration

Typically, shoes and bridal gown should be combined appropriately. Here one should proceed very carefully. If the dress is as rich in decorative elements, you should be restrained and simple shoe models, to avoid an overloaded look.

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The colors

Tradition dictates that the bridal shoes in the same color as the wedding dress should be sought out. In addition to the classic white used frequently even ivory, champagne and Eierschalenfarben. However, since a certain amount of time, it’s very said that the shoes will introduce an original color as an accent in the whole look. If you choose a color model, this should be chosen in the same color as the bride’s bouquet, wedding decoration, or such as the bridesmaid dresses.

We hope that our tips and the recommended upper collection will help you to make this important choice easier.

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