Cilantro Plant – Facts That You Consider

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Cilantro plants – why it’s worth to do it?

Ask yourself what herbs you out there should grow this year in the garden? We can advise you well today, because this Atrtikel is just about the cultivation of the real coriander and its properties. We also give you some practical tips on how you can use the coriander as a kitchen utensil and pharmaceutical products. Maybe make the decision to plant this culinary herb in the garden!

Cilantro plant – plant spices in your own backyard

list of spices coriander gartrenideen plant spices

Cilantro plant and eat healthy

list of spices coriander seed properties

The coriander is typical of southern Europe, North Africa and Asia. The whole upper part of the plant of importance is for the catering industry. Even the roots used in Asian cooking.

The dishes prepared with dry coriander

spices coriander of dry coriander list health

Coriander leaves

gewüze list of spices coriander healthy

Coriander is worldwide known as spices

coriander plant leaves seeds spices list

The history of this spice goes back to far back in time. It is believed that the Mediterranean is his home. There is evidence supporting its use among the Egyptians. In Russia, this plant is used for the preparation of a specific type of bread.

You can make delicious pesto from cilantro

coriander plants pesto healthy food

You can also eat the coriander seeds and they are also remarkable taste and other health properties. These contain the same healthy substances, but in much larger quantities. In the seed, there are also significantly more calories. In 100 grams of fresh coriander, they are about 24. In the seed, there are about 298 calories per 100 grams.

The coriander seeds are calories

list of spices coriander coriander seeds calories

Healthy benefits of the consumption of coriander

Coriander has a soothing effect on the stomach-intestinal system in all its forms. At the regular cilantro – consumption, improve your digestion and expel the gases. Coriander also has a toning effect and helps to keep the blood sugar at a healthy level. Coriander has a beneficial effect in gastritis. Also, there are larger amounts of vitamin groups A and K in the coriander.

Coriander breed at home in a flower pot

coriander plant spices healthy eating lifestyle

Healthy living and coriander itself plant

plant coriander coriander seed leaves


Coriander is absolutely harmless in small quantities. The Spice at larger doses can cause allergic reactions in some people. You can appear in the form of gastro-intestinal problems or light sensitivity. Freshly squeezed juice from coriander can negatively affect sometimes the central nervous system.  Therefore avoid its consumption better!

Freshly squeezed juice from coriander can have negative health effects

plant coriander juice health effect

Coriander as part of spices list

list of spices coriander plant spices garden ideas

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