Cilantro Plants – All Advantages At A Glance

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The nutritional value of coriander plants

The cilantro is an herb that is known under the name of Dhania and cilantro. The herb is used worldwide and used extensively as a seasoning, garnish or decoration with exotic dishes. Its scientific name is Coriandrum sativum L. and the leaves and seeds of the plant are important for us. The scent of coriander leaves is very pleasant and instantly recognizable. Besides culinary the coriander has an important role as a medicinal herb for our health. The naturopathy used coriander against skin irritations, high cholesterol, diarrhea, inflammations in the mouth, anemia, metabolic disorders and many other common diseases.

Some know the cilantro of Asian cuisine

coriander plants

The nutritional value of coriander

The wide application of coriander in food preparation is only the peak of the iceberg. Unfortunately, many health-promoting properties of coriander remain hidden and ignorant many of us throw it away the green side dish with the food. The coriander leaves and seeds contain important for us component, such as, for example, essential oils, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), minerals and vitamins.

The fresh scent of the leaves is quickly recognizable

coriander plants leaves Studio

Dried or raw, the plant looks appetizing and wind-drifting

coriander plants seeds

Health values

Important ingredients such as Cineole and linoleic acid are a part of the coriander plant. You have a strong impact against rheumatism and arthritis. Swollen areas on the body, which can occur through errors of renal function are alleviated by taking of coriander. The dehydrating properties of coriander also helps impairment of urination.

The cilantro is popular not only because of its exquisite qualities

coriander plants leaf green

Blemished skin

The countless benefits of coriander are particularly useful for impure skin. The plant acts against inflammations and fungal infections, cleans and purifies.

In natural medicine, the herb is effectively applied against various diseases

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The seeds of the plant have a spicy taste and soothing effect on the stomach

coriander plants seeds large light

Cholesterol levels

Some of the acids containing in the coriander plant balance effectively the cholesterol levels in the blood.

Your meal with this sheet should be garnished you eat with it!

cilantro plants a sheet


Particularly severe and chronic cases of diarrhea, the Koriander-ingredients help an instant.

Digestive problems you chew a couple of leaves of coriander

cilantro plants a sheet

Blood pressure

Regular consumption of coriander regulates blood pressure

You regulate your blood pressure by eating this herb

coriander plants juicy


Due to its high iron content, the coriander is a good remedy in the case of an anemic condition.

Freshly ground seeds and coriander leaves are the most

coriander plants seeds sheet ground

Protection against salmonella

The coriander helps prevent against salmonella and similar diseases.

The high iron content combats the anemia

coriander plants seeds large

Strength of the bone

The coriander plant is a calcium-rich source and strengthens the bone structure.

The coriander rich in calcium is very good for your bones

coriander plants seed leaves

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