Cocktail Dresses, Of Which Women Dream – Official Dress Code

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cocktail dresses dress code designer fashion

Choose the right cocktail dress

The dress code more and more becomes a recommendation. Long gone are the days, where one feels necessarily obliged to adhere to this. But at least there are some occasions where a dress code is mandatory. The limited experience can prove to be problematic at such events as something. Nobody wants to embarrass themselves yet, or?

Elegant cocktail dresses for an official occasion

cocktail dresses Haute Couture fashion trends

Girly pink studded with springs

cocktail dresses Haute Couture pink knee length dress code

Elegance and sophistication

cocktail dresses womens clothing Alexander bag

Specify the dress code in the invitation

Whether you need to or not, wear a cocktail dress is clearly already mostly from the invitation. Read this carefully. If you tend to overlook details, you do so even multiple times. You have to absolutely be sure at the end of the day, that you have understood everything in detail. If you follow these trends, then you would risk of Dodge, you look grotesque next to other people. There is also the risk that you ever not be admitted to the party in some cases.

Minimalist cut

cocktail dresses designer fashion grey Abdulkadir code

Knee-length dress in trendy Marsala

cocktail dresses fashionable 2015 dress code etiquette

The rules, which bring you security

Embarrassing experiences such cocktails trauma can leave for many long years. That’s why you should acquire some rules of thumb, would avoid this thanks to which time and again.

Like a Queen

cocktail dresses Haute Couture light blue dress code

Simple, yet very elegant in dark blue

cocktail dresses simple elegant dark blue dress code

If there are no specially written rules in the invitation, the ladies should wear elegant cocktail dresses. This may be too short. The recitals are aesthetic, but also purely practical in many cases. If there is high stairs in a noble and great atmosphere, then the short skirt is but not much it further help the upgrade, that you feel comfortable.

The knee length is a must

cocktail dresses white knee-length dress code

Rather, you should forget the mini skirts

cocktail dresses designer dresses white Abdulkadir code

One of the best versions represents the black cocktail dress that extends below the knee. Do not this rather to sensual and provocative materials and details. You are certainly not the best super, but for a very demanding and formal occasion.

The little black dress as a cocktail dress

cocktail dresses black white dress code

Long black dress with a BREW loop

cocktail dresses black brown Loop dress code

In addition to the black come other classic colours and combination in question. What’s black and white? At the cocktail dresses, the snippet is quite allowed. However, even with this element, see to that it seems to fit.

Cocktail dresses in romantic Farbnuanchen

cocktail dresses hang Couture dress code tulle and lace

In Steuerwagen and Schmucksteinchen

cocktail dresses Steuerwagen elegant floor-length dress code

Hair and makeup

In addition to all the other stuff, you would need to show also the suitable hairstyle and makeup on this official occasion. The hair would be best tied or pinned up. You need to make-up is not to flashy and provocative. Because you are at a cocktail party and not to the disco! The primer and the stress of the eyes, as well as the Rouge are absolutely sufficient in small quantities.

The right hairstyle and makeup on an official occasion

cocktail dresses white dress code ladies hairstyles

An updo is recommended

cocktail dresses dress code ladies hairstyles elegant

But in no case the single way

cocktail dresses dress code Langhaarfrisuren blonde

Special attention is on lips. You must be executed in a nuance that fits to your dress, as well as to the color of your face.

Apply lipstick – an important step

cocktail dresses, make-up and hair style dress code

Lips and dress in the same shade

cocktail dresses dress code red dress lipstick

Pieces of jewellery

The official jewelry pieces, which fit the cocktail dresses, are the diamonds. However, they are not too big and not too many. Because to achieve the mutual effect.

The jewelry should be more discreet

Cara Delevingn jewelry cocktail dresses black dress code

The shoes

The perfect end to an any official outfit are the shoes. You need to have a paragraph, but how high – you decide. Find the average between the elegant look and comfortable feel.

Designer sales shoes

cocktail dresses dress code Manolo Blanik shoes

Pumps to fall in love

cocktail dresses right heel shoes dress code

cocktail dresses shoes pumps green Abdulkadir code the appropriate colour and the right heel height play an important role

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