Coffee Calories – Prepare Delicious, Healthy Dishes To!

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coffee calories milk chocolate cinnamon hazelnut vanilla

Coffee calories – from the caffeinated drink low calorie desserts

You want in the morning or in the afternoon sweeten the coffee itself and take it not many calories? No problem! We will now show you how to with some simple tools to make a very special favorite treat from your favorite drink.

Avoid the artificial mixtures

On the market there are the various artificial mixtures of coffee with different aromas. But thus you ensure not particularly with regard to your health. It’s just the way that they contain many artificial substances, then just spoil the positive effect of the drink. Instead, we show you how to secure low-calorie indulgence with your coffee.

How about a freshly brewed filter coffee in the early morning

coffee calories fresh filter coffee cooked

Coffee and cinnamon

You love the coffee not too bitter, add sugar but also averse? A great exit from this situation could represent a blend of coffee with cinnamon.

Spicy and warm salty taste

coffee healthy spicy calorie cinnamon


Coffee calories remain very little in this case. At the same time, an explosion at the pleasure takes place. Mixture of coffee powder and vanilla can be added to many desserts, and the effect will be just fabulous.

Thus, they create great smoothes for example

coffee calories vanilla coffee beans


You can do hardly anything wrong with regard to the taste, with good chocolate. Also the combination with coffee works very well. Thereby, the whole need not lead to a calorie bomb. The reason is that a very small amount of this aromatic and delicious chocolate will be enough to achieve great, tasty results.

Dark chocolate for more antioxidants in coffee

coffee of calories of dark chocolate


Do you prefer these before any other sweet taste of the citrus fruits? Also this kind of pleasure can offer a little bit of the grated orange peel.

Exotic ease with citrus fruit

coffee calories orange peel grated


Coconut to the colder variants fits best. They need just bake the shredded coconut in the oven and then mix them with coffee powder and pour in water. Let the whole thing “to stay” and then pass it in the early morning.

Incomparable pleasure for real coffee drinkers

coffee calories coconut grater


Have you been drinking already tea with cardamom? Then do you know surely that it tastes as good? Not less enjoyable, so a drink with coffee can be mixed. Make your coffee as you usually prepare it and then add a pod cardamom shattered into powder per Cup.

With cardamom creating oriental touch

coffee calories of dark chocolate cardamom

Prepare a delicious Frappé for your loved ones

coffee calories ice coffee ice cubes cardamom

Garnish with fresh mint leaves

coffee calories ice cubes fresh mint

Stir for a contemplative Christmas taste also anise

coffee calories coffee beans anise cinnamon

Discover the multi-faceted world of coffee specialities

coffee calories specialties caramel chocolate

Have you tried already the delicious Turkish coffee?

coffee calories Turkish Mocha

Honey waffles are from organic shop the perfect low-calorie supplement to your daily cup coffee

coffee calories cinnamon organic waffle honey nuts

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