Coffees From All Over The World: How To Drink Coffee In Other Countries?

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coffees coffee drink worldwide coffee fashion

How to drink coffee in 11 different countries

Healthy or not, the coffee drink is perhaps the most drunk beverage in the world. Millions of people around the world wake up every morning and enjoy a cup of hot coffee first. It sounds like as if just do this ritual in all parts of the world. But that’s not true. There are probably as many coffees in the world and countries.

We can list not all coffee drinks here, but we have selected 11 different coffee specialities, we would like to taste. Travel with us online and learn more about the coffee-drinking around the world!

Coffees from around the world

coffees coffee beverages around the world

Our first destination is Finland. Here a piece is first made cheese in the Cup and then the coffee is poured. As tastes we can not say unfortunately this speciality, but we would certainly cost the Lappish coffee.

Looks like a cup of coffee in Argentina

coffee drinking coffees in Argentina coffee fashion

In Argentina, you drink coffee with foam and very much milk – so with a shot of coffee.

Pharisees – a coffee drink with rum

coffee beverages worldwide Germany coffee specialities

Pharisees is an alcoholic coffee specialty, which should have been invented in Germany. Black coffee with whipped cream and a drizzle of rum is just not the typical morning drink in Germany, but after the work we would enjoy it.

Greek coffee – Frappé

coffee drinking world Greek coffee coffees

Frappé is a cold drink from Greece, which consists of instant coffee and ice cubes and therefore has a refreshing effect – perfect for the summer time.

Coffee with tea in a

coffee drinking coffee in Hong Kong coffee fashion

In Hong Kong, people drink coffee with black tea and condensed milk mixed.

Espresso with a slice of lemon

coffees worldwide Italian coffee coffee fashion

Not everyone tastes the strong Italian espresso, or? A slice of lemon can help but to enjoy your coffee in Rome.

Coffee with cinnamon and orange

coffee drinking coffee specialities in Jamaica coffee fashion

A shot among the coffee in Jamaica rum and a slice of Orange.

Coffee with spices

coffee drinking world Morocco coffees

Can you guess what is mixed with the coffee in Morocco? Natural spices, namely – sesame seed, black pepper and nutmeg.

Touba coffee

coffee beverages worldwide Senegal coffees coffee fashion

You drink coffee Touba in Senegal. Coffee, pepper and cloves are the ingredients, which contains the coffee drink.

A cup of coffee in Spain

coffee specialities Spain coffee fashion

Bombón is this speciality coffee, which you can enjoy in Spain espresso with sweetened condensed milk.

Turkish coffee with honey and… Garlic!

coffees worldwide Turkish coffee fashion

This is the speciality of the Moors – garlic-honey-coffee coffee.

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