Colorful Pantyhose Concern This Season Fully In Line With The Trend

tights patterned black white spotted

Tips for wearing colorful tights and those with patterns

Coloured clothing and bold accents that are a must this winter. Someone must bear them, make the streets look not too sad. Would you like it? So you look yet serious and stylish, you would have to attract the perfect outfit to.

Many ladies ask themselves the following question: How can we attract colorful tights or those with patterns and look but not ridiculous? Below you can find some modern and elegant outfits for the coming winter season by 2015.

Patterned dresses and tights

The colourful tights look great with shirts and other tops with patterns. Don’t shy away from experiments! However, in the mirror, you see whether a combination looks great or not just.

Very smart look knitted tights in Garish colors

knitted tights Flash colors

Different layers

In the winter we don’t like different layers of dress! Let be the one in the color of tights. Combine with enough other shades so that the Flash nuance is not too overwhelming.

In the Office

Conservative-looking dresses and costumes can be wonderfully combined with colorful and patterned tights since some Saisons. They should have maybe just not too flashy and colorful.

Also here you would have to rely on the own sense of style and sense of good taste

tights autumn winter 2015

Casual wear

Is there too little sun in winter in your opinion? Be yourself a light source! In everyday life, you reach exactly this effect with colorful and patterned tights.

You create a new charm even slightly older clothing

tights Office Office clothes

Combine with the right shoes and accessories

How do we combine colorful and patterned tights with shoes and accessories? The rule of thumb is: you opt for solid pieces. If the shoes are also colorful and patterned, it is usually too much.

Unless you put on originality and uniqueness

lurid tights Shoes Accessories

Pants with colorful and patterned tights

This variant is the right place for those of you who love the controversy. To be honest, this works only for certain types of people. Provocative and self-confident ladies look so great. Others become rather ridiculous.

Just trust your own taste

tights black patterned shorts

Accurately estimate a whether this outfit to your temper fits.

Monochrome look in blue

You’ve discovered a really nice shade of blue? Did you find a jacket, as well as a colorful pantyhose in this shade? Nothing speaks against this monochromatic look! He has a touch of winter nostalgia and is at the same time really funny and original!

The purple color is just as suitable for the autumn

tights noble purple

Colorful pantyhose are very popular also with the Haute Couture this season

tights elegant dress

If you stand on black and white

tights floral pattern black

Borrow the warm colours of autumn

tights Gedämfte colors combine

Celebrities like to wear the elegant patterned tights

tights patterned elegant

A chic outfit in grey can be with many patterns and colors combine

tights autumn grey outfit

Subtle, warm colours for the cold days

tights autumn warm colors

Colorful tops get well along with solid tights

tights autumn winter blue color

Luxury and glamour should be

tights luxurious blue

Combine patterns and colors in an elegant way

tights red monochrome patterned dress

Emphasize your femininity and remain humble you

C# colorful tights black pattern elegant

If you are vintage and retro

tights beige pattern

For the youth and the young at heart, you

C# colorful tights winter stripes Pink White