Cook With Shot – That’s What Matters

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Wine, whiskey, rum or cognac – alcohol comes in many varieties. The drops are good not only for mere drinking, but also for cooking. Alcohol is simply in most gourmet kitchens for fine cuisine. Thanks to countless cooking shows, Foodblogs and cookbooks, home cooks can emulate the star chefs promising. But there is some attention when Coq au vin, risotto or a flambéed dessert to be served at home.

What alcohol for cooking?

Basically, any alcoholic drink can be used for cooking. So that it tastes like it is however on the right combination. Not every alcohol is suitable for each dish. The most popular cooking liquor is wine. But we know that there are also large differences. Therefore, you should match wine and food and to vegetarian entrees, for example, choose a different drop as to those that contain fish. Also, when the wine in the Pan instead of the glass, it’s less the taste of alcohol as contrary to the typical wine note. A not too serious white wine fits super light sauces, white meat, risotto and light desserts. A strong red wine goes best with bold roast, dark sauces and sweets with high chocolate content. Tomato-based sauces can be refined according to preference with red or white wine. The sweet port wine is an ideal accompaniment to desserts of all kinds, such as Weincreme, fruit, ice cream, warm tarts or Kaiserschmarrn. As a general rule: it must be not the precious drops, but the wine to the boil should be also pure edible.

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And how it looks with other alcoholic beverages?

Hard alcohol like whiskey, cognac or rum is fine for the flambé. Whisky sauces go well with grilled, cognac to crustaceans or shellfish, rum to chicken. In addition, cognac, rum, but also egg nog and make suitable for all kinds of desserts and pastries.

What happens to alcohol in cooking?

The assumption that flies alcohol in cooking, is widespread. Actually boils and flies pure alcohol at 78 degrees. Since there is plenty of water in wine and co. However, the boiling temperature shifts significantly upward. After half an hour cooking time, still 35 percent of the initial amount of alcohol are included. After over two hours of cooking, there are still 5 percent. During cooking, the percentage of alcohol decreases so, but the finished dish is not alcohol-free. Finally after hours of boiling time, still alcohol is included in the mulled wine.

Dishes refined with alcohol are therefore not for pregnant, alcoholic people, diabetics, heart patients and children. For children not only the alcohol content is questionable, but also that they prematurely get food with alcohol taste.

Alternatives without percentage

If sit people at the table who want to avoid alcohol or should, must be does not waive yet refined food. There are non-alcoholic alternatives that bring as much taste. How about with specially moussierendem grape juice in red or white, Bionade, spices like Garam Masala or liquid cardamom? Tasty cooking also works with less exquisite ingredients, such fruit or vegetable juices, jellies, jam, coffee, espresso, or cocoa. Who experimented a bit so, can conjure great dishes that everyone can withstand.

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