Daily Requirement Is How Much Of This Sugar Right?

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How does the daily need daytime sugar relate to our ability to think

If we feed ourselves well, we feel much better. Also the optimal thinking skills related. Sugar plays a very specific role in the whole. We need to go exactly to the needs of the day. If we have too little or too much of it, we feel worse now.

Read the nutritional information on all product packaging before buying

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The first is hardly found. We have a high sugar content in almost all popular products. If we eat too much, this can also prove as bad for our health.

The food pyramid can help us better to make sure our food

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Sugar is important for the body and the best to come from nature

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The fruit sugar has many good qualities

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Here we will tell you in detail how exceed the daily intake of sugar may negatively affect your everyday life.


According to some research, sugar reduces our ability to communicate. He keeps us from, E.g. the directions to solve various tasks.

Natural fats you want to accompany the natural sugar

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Still, sugar is a substance which can be addictive. One often observes the same behavior of the brain taking too much sugar, like if you drank alcohol.

Even if the candy is appetizer, we should omit the fingers of which

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The most popular food is usually the most dangerous!

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The mood

Some people are of the opinion that the proper daily requirement of sugar can improve the mood. This is a myth, and he comes from a well known, but short-term effect.

Sweet tooth improves the mood, the positive mood can last longer without refined sugar

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Fresh fruit has a positive effect by its color alone

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As just mentioned, sugar acts in a way such as drug or alcohol. If you permanently want to combat the bad mood or want to get out of your feeling low, they should eat rather healthy and varied. While the complex carbohydrates (E.g. vegetables), the fatty fish and the food that is rich in vitamins and minerals are very helpful.

Dextrose improves the ability to learn

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Cane sugar affects the entire tone of man

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Bananas are calories and nutritious

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If you exceed the daily requirement of sugar, this can ease your ability to think. We’ll know the things worse and does not really understand the different contexts.

If you want to remember things are better prefer set to the following types of food.

The fragrant cranberries protect against diseases and have a low sugar content

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More healthy fruits, that are allowed for diabetics

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We can really tired of eating strawberries

day needs sugar strawberries

Berry smell fantastic and are very low in calories

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Watermelons are just good for all

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Foods that are rich in vitamin E

Food that is rich in omega-3 acids

Dark green leafy vegetables (such as spinach or broccoli)

Berries with a little sugar.

Some animals set a good example by their feeding behavior

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The persimmon fruit is rich in vitamins and fruit sugar

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Figs are very sweet, no matter whether she are fresh or dried

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You can find guava rather than juice in Europe, but the sweetness is unforgettable

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Nuts and dried fruits are the best thing we can do for us

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From this it can prepare excellent vegan pastries

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Emotional and mental balance

Sugar consumed our resources on vitamin B. Still, it blocks our receptors of chrome. The latter are however for our emotional balance of fundamental importance. We can be excited as a result of the rise over the daily allowance of sugar too emotional and even aggressive.

It’s never early enough with the right nutrition education to begin

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Instead of more sugar, you should prefer the following types of food

Green, little or vegetables containing starch

Oily fish

Food with a probiotic effect such as sauerkraut, kimchi, and others.

Choose deliberately for the better

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Honey instead of sugar may be the beginning

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Eat raisins, if you have an appetite for something sweet!

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Plums and apricots bring light and joy in our rainy day

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Stress and poor eating habits are very closely related. Any slip-up from the normal daily requirement can be harmful. Stress is also the result of balance caused by the excess of sugar, which it was already mentioned.

Rather than access to sugar, you think you’re ready the following food the stressful days:



Berries of different kinds

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