Damage Due To Snow & Ice – Pays The Household Insurance?

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The winter is imminent us – cold time with snow and ice, in which we hide us most within the four walls. Cosy evenings under the blankie with a warming Cup of tea, simply include the tranquil pre-Christmas period. The hours may be at home but really contemplative, need some measures before the onset of winter.

We will show you how you can prevent possible problems caused by cold, ice and snow, so that you can enjoy your home in freezing temperatures.

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Thorough preparation is essential

Before the winter up to you comes and cold and frost control our everyday lives, you should submit your House a small winter check. You should be sure again check the following before the onset of winter:

Doors and Windows:

Are actually safe and sealing your doors and Windows? So that your home really protects you from cold and wind, must here be sure are tested for reliability. To test just a burning candle in the place next to the closed window – the flame should now not flicker. Otherwise, this can mean that they not close close.

Wont be sure door and window seals at your home. Clean and dry the seals. Then, all portable fittings should be treated with resin – and acid-free oil. If the seals have very porous , they should necessarily be replaced by a qualified technician.

Facade and roof:

Also roof and facade are necessarily verified before the onset of winter. Check, whether on the facade cracks or other damage are formed. Cracks moisture can accumulate, which in the winter ice and may lead to still greater damage and explosions. Smaller holes can be easily sealed with grout. But also the thermal insulation can be wet – the attenuation is affected.

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Autumn is storm season! This can make even your roof. You may have moved towards the brick or formed cracks, which are necessarily improved. Especially beware of the snow guards. This is still stuck and can thus reliably withstand before the heavy load of snow?

Rain gutter:

You should necessarily free the rain gutter after the fall of leaves, branches and Moss, otherwise the tray can easily clog, run over, causing damage. The water has no place more in the channel and runs down the facade, which can lead to moisture damage or even mold. The accumulated water can of course also in sub-zero temperatures to freeze. Possible consequences would be the bursting of pipes or fall on passers-by.

If due to your fault at a passerby damage arises, shall be liable in most cases your liability insurance. Private liability insurance are important, because they can protect you from the vast sums of money. Following damages are covered:

Damage: Items are due to your fault damaged/destroyed
Personal injury: People get hurt by your fault
Insurance: Financial disadvantage caused by a damage to property or personal injury

, By the way: so a private liability insurance is many insurance companies, such as for example when the Graz mutual, included in the household insurance!

Water management:

Because the wires and pipes in the garden often not frost-free depth, it can to UPS come in the cold temperatures slightly. Drain and before winter, so be sure check the water pipes outside running.

So you read: requires only a few simple steps and a short time to check your home on winter suitability. Save money and nerves and still start a winter check on your property.

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