Detox Spa – A Healthy Trend For More Energy And Vitality

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Detox Spa fresh vegetables fruits summer season

Treat yourself to a purifying Detox Spa in the summer!

You feel tired and weak lately? Can you not sleep? Your skin looks pale? Headaches and stomach problems? These symptoms could include acidification and overloading the body with harmful substances. When have you allowed a detox break or at least a relief day your body for the last time? Try it with a detox cure!

Detox is a relatively new trend in the many famous actors and celebrities swear by. Simply put, it means to rid the body of harmful toxins. As you have probably guessed it, the positive, additional effect of this is picking up. The pollutants are mainly in the fat cells and with their cleaning the body loses also the excess kilos or at least a substantial part of it.

Do you dream of a flat stomach?

Detox Spa healthy food massage flat stomach

The spring proving the cheapest time of the year, making a detox cure, is the only period in which you can detoxify itself but definitely not. Quite the contrary. You can determine a relief day for themselves every week. Even in this way, you will notice a big difference.

Throughout the day you can enjoy herbal tea

Detox Spa herbal tea lemon honey

Spa is also the actual Detox begins two days of discharge. These days you can eat nothing else except for fruit and vegetables. Best you do without coffee, black tea, and cigarettes. During the whole treatment, alcohol is an absolute no-go. The actual purification takes about two weeks. During this time, you should avoid completely on the following products:

Red meat and meat products
Milk and cheese
White flour
Coffee, black and green tea

Prepare the vitamin-rich salad

Detox Spa fresh salad red cabbage peppers parsley

Allowed are:

white meat
Fish (except tuna, and shellfish)
Natural yoghurt
Soy, tofu, rice
Legumes and nuts
Olive oil
Add onion, garlic, ginger

The eyes also eat “with” detoxification

Detox Spa fresh squeezed juices Orange carrot

The most important components of the Detox Spa stay fresh fruit and all kinds of vegetables. You can enjoy these soups or salads. Freshly squeezed juices and green, energizing Smoothies are highly recommended. Drink much! In the summer, especially water and herbal tea are the most thirst-quencher.

As a conclusion, you can determine that you need to focus on a basic diet.

A good tip here is to enrich your water with lemon or lime. So, the basic effect and an exotic fresh awarded the neutral drink. You can accomplish the same thing with cucumber slices. Cucumber water is rich in vitamin C, B and K, as well as iron and potassium. It also has a proven isotonic effect and is preferred by many athletes also.

A wonderful summer drink

Detox spa water lemon cucumber Mint

Stop with the excuses! Now is the right time, your body to do something good. To motivate himself and finally pull it through! You will not regret it.

A freshly squeezed orange juice – just the classic

Detox Spa orange juice fresh classic

Indulge yourself with first-class, vegetarian food!

Detox Spa fresh food flowers germs herbs vegetables

Take cream soups from fresh vegetables to often!

Detox Spa vegetable broth soups

Experiment with green smoothies full of energy

Detox cure mashed vegetables fresh Smoothie Petersielie

Allow time for a light, healthy breakfast

Detox Spa healthy breakfast herbal tea

Fresh fruits, juices and lettuce

Detox Spa Green Salatesmoothies Frisch juices

Exotic spices stimulate the digestion and optimize metabolism

Detox Spa exotic spices cinnamon anise cardamom

Take freshly squeezed juices and smoothies with them in the Office

Detox Spa Green smoothies avocado lime

Treat to a relaxing massage whenever possible

Detox Spa massages flowers herbs

Natural cosmetics, brushes and bathrooms are particularly to recommend at this time

Detox Spa natural cosmetics herbal Spa

Beetroot strengthens and purifies the blood

Detox Spa beetroot healthy

Precious oils from seeds reduce the feeling of hunger

Detox Spa seeds Sonnenbllumen pumpkin

Pamper your skin!

Detox Spa spa baths nature

So your Detox might look Spa

Detox spa day diet healthy food

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