Discover The Healing Power Of The Tibetan Singing Bowls

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Tibetan singing bowls as therapeutic tools

Are you familiar with the therapeutic effect of Tibetan singing bowls? The wonderful shells are used in hospitals and treatment centres, as well as in meditation rooms. The tones that creates the shell when struck or the grinding with a Kaka, can caused vibrations that are noticeable to the human body and thus also beneficial.

Would you like some more information about the Tibetan singing bowls, scroll down and be enchanted by the far Eastern culture.

Inspired by the Oriental culture

far Eastern culture Tibetan singing bowls statue

In the Western world, the suits cups are used for meditation, sound therapy and sound therapy

Tibetan singing bowls bronze lace wood

In the far-Eastern culture, the bowls not as a therapy tool are known, rather than a traditional kitchen utensils. Something disappointing, or? However the sound instruments Keisu and Inkin will look in Zen Buddhism used, very similar to the of a singing bowl.

Still a mistake, to which it is believed concerns the name of the bowls. Although they are called Tibetan singing bowls, they come today exclusively from North India and Nepal.

A bit closer to the Buddhist philosophy

far Eastern culture Tibetan singing bowls Buddha statue

Originally, the bowls were a traditional dining and kitchen utensils in the far eastern countries of Tibet, Nepal, China, Japan and India

Tibetan singing bowls far Eastern culture Buddhism

Tibetan singing bowls are mainly made of bronze (an alloy of copper and Tin) and can contain other accompanying metals such as iron, zinc, and others. It is believed precious metals such as silver and gold contribute to the therapeutic effect of the bowls.

Singing bowls are cast mostly made of brass, an alloy of copper and zinc,

Tibetan singing bowls bronze various shape and size

There are still Crystal singing bowls, which are made of quartz or rock crystal. You have a Matt surface and produce powerful sounds with a long aftertaste.

In contrast to the traditional Tibetan singing bowls made of bronze the Crystal singing bowls massage sound are not on the body used, but placed in the immediate vicinity of this man.

Experts also Feng Shui often use Crystal singing bowls to clean rooms of negative energy.

The rock crystal has a cleansing and harmonizing effect

Tibetan singing bowls brass alloy and crystal bowls

Known as a sound massage or even singing bowl massage has a relaxing and calming effect. The resulting sound vibrations spoil body, mind and soul and the chakras are stimulated and harmonised.

Sound massage, singing bowls are placed with different size on the clothed body or held over the body. Struck or rubbed to create bowls sounds which are perceived in the body as vibration.

The sound massage is especially recommended for stress

far Eastern culture singing bowl massage Tibetan singing bowls

A valuable gift for you and your loved ones

Tibetan singing bowls blue Golden edge wood Clapper unpadded

Convince yourself of the soothing vibration of Tibetan singing bowls and treat yourself to a relaxing massage of the sound! Or would you perhaps recede into the mystery of the singing bowls, then you can make even a sound massage training.

Tibetan sound massage – interview and demo with Bhajan Noam

Meditation and therapy with Tibetan singing bowls

far Eastern culture medicine Tibetan singing bowls bobbin

Singing bowls have a soothing and relaxing effect of vibration on the body

far Eastern culture Tibetan singing bowls set wooden clapper padded

Traditional old bowls

far Eastern culture Tibetan singing bowls set different size

The Holzköppel can be padded or unpadded

far Eastern culture Tibetan singing bowls and bobbin

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