Discreet Eye Make-up – Beauty Tips And Tricks

Posted on Mar 10, 2015

discreet eyes make up trends lifestyle

Discreet eyes make up: Tips for your eyes for spring and summer 2015

You could say that there are permanent and trendy aspects at the makeup tips for eyes. The first concern the principles according to which one should make-up in terms of the own face type. We think so that the shape of the face, the eyes, the skin color, even the age and so on. But then there are also tricks and trends, which are typical for a specific year and a certain season.

Do you like the look of?

discreet eyes make up Regy liner

To the permanent aspects of the make-up vote in terms of the occasion and the time of day. Ask yourself the question: it’s more about the everyday, Office, or evening appearance at my look? Then there are also shades, depending on whether you have to be an official, or strict or rather provocative and extravagant. As you will find itself in this and other surveys, it’s this deal on the makeup tips for eyes.

Very discreet eye make-up, yet beautiful and effective

subdued eye makeup fresh eye shadow pink lips

“Cat eye” is back in fashion

The look, known as cat look, is back in. This is certainly discreet eyes make up, that, however, can make a big difference. You could rely on it! If you leave it only when the eye liner and the very bright eye shadow, then we have a phenomenon of everyday life. If you then combine with Flash and provocative nuances, it looks pretty provocative. Coupled with the nuances of an official clothing you will reach a suitable look for official events of the high class. How strong or moderate the whole works, depends on as well with the lip stick, which you would use.

Black Regy liner is enough for the everyday look

discreet eyes make up trends cat look

Slightly provocative look thanks to this red lipstick

make up tips eyes Regy liner red lipstick

Elegant makeup

make up tips eyes red lips Regy liner

Turquoise for the provocative ladies among you

Eyes makeup tips are in the next two seasons also include new great possibilities for the more courageous ladies. After the desired manner, rewrite the contours with turquoise. So, you will have certainly very topical. It is important, however, that perfectly cover your skin. She should look perfectly evenly and never too pale. Because the blue color would make even the smallest defect still prominent on your face. The shadow may be the bright neutral colour palette. The eyebrows could be medium brown.

Fresh combination of eye shadows in turquoise and pink lips

make up tips trends green eyeshadow natural lips

Eyeshadow in shades of green

discreet eyes make up turquoise color eyeshadow

Suitable for the evening

make up tips eyes turquoise eyeshadow

Blue Regy liner

make up tips eyes of blue Regy liner

Combination of blue and Brown

make up tips eyes eyeshadow blue shades

Summer trends

Very discreet make-up, which emphasizes their natural beauty, that will be news in the summer. Bright shades come both the eyes and the lips. Barely there are moments and forms in everyday life, at which you would look good so. Main thing here is that the skin evenly beautiful make-up looks. Pallor is to be avoided. Important tips are the elements which emphasise the effect of natural beauty for the eyes makeup. These are for example the Maskaras or the gloss to the lips. In the summer, such look also for the evening could be appropriate. Strive but for colors and Eyeshadows which have bright aspects in itself.

Apply subtle makeup

discreet eyes make up mascara pink lips

Discreet make-up the eyes

discreet eyes make up everyday lifestyle

A gentle radiance

discreet eyes make up Regy liner bright lips

Combine bright eyeshadow and discreet lipstick

discreet eyes make up bright lips

Green and Brown combined well

discreet eyes make up eyeshadow green light brown

If you want to emphasize your eyes

make up tips eyes purple Regy liner

Regy liner and subtle eye makeup

make up tips eyes black Regy liner eyeshadow

The silver color emphasises the effect of cat look pretty

make up tips eyes black Regy liner silver eyeshadow

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