Do You Want A Pumpkin Recipe Post-Helloween?

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Kurbisrezept pumpkin garnish

Pumpkin recipe that is simple, commonplace and tasty

The Festival, which is all the famous festival of horrors of Helloween, so very happy after a very euphoric period is now over. Now available in your nicely furnished and festively decorated apartment and do not know what you are to do with so many pumpkins. The only pumpkin recipe, which you know is the pumpkin soup that you eat anyway every week. I’m very much.

And what pumpkin recipe can prepare still joy long after Helloween?

pumpkin recipe pumpkins cooking whole bunch

Therefore I made me on the search for different ways, to learn what it all out or pumpkins can prepare. Three recipes especially impressed me with its simplicity and I want to provide just that. In addition, I have endeavoured to meet exclusively regional tastes and culinary preferences and choose recipes that we not only know them all, but I’d love to eat.

Just today, we combine favorite recipes with pumpkin

pumpkin Rösti pumpkin recipe

The first recipe actually comes from the Switzerland and is now enhanced with pumpkin.

Simple, fast, and regional Rösti from pumpkin

pumpkin recipe pumpkin Rösti pumpkin recipes

Sour cream and herb Quark to increases benefit even more

pumpkin recipe pumpkin Rösti pumpkin recipes Quark

Pumpkin Rösti


500 g pumpkin flesh (Hokkaido – or gorgonzola cheese pumpkin) cleaned.

1-2 eggs

2EL oil

Salt and pepper to taste

A pinch of nutmeg

Shredded thyme or Rosemary

Form medium-sized patties and FRY until golden brown

pumpkin Rösti pumpkin recipes Roast Pumpkin recipe

The food is prepared quickly and is suitable even for picky vegan

pumpkin recipe pumpkin Rösti pumpkin recipes salad

Classic with hunters sauce and sliced that can taste good Rösti

pumpkin recipe pumpkin Rösti pumpkin recipes sliced


The pulp grate or rub and mix well with the broken egg. According to his personal taste, flavor and form with both hands, medium-sized patties. FRY in hot oil on both sides until golden brown.

Garnish with Herb ricotta, smoked salmon or pickled cucumbers.

From the basic recipe, you can make your own creations with some imagination

pumpkin recipe pumpkin Rösti pumpkin recipes Patty

and every day the pumpkin otherwise enjoy

pumpkin recipe pumpkin Rösti recipes pumpkin Sage leaf

Prepare baking pumpkin or chips in the oven

pumpkin recipe baked pumpkin

Pumpkin chips


1 Hokkaido pumpkin

Salt, sunflower oil

The pumpkin bars can be an excellent snack for spontaneous visit

pumpkin recipe pumpkin fries avocado dip

Fresh parsley is even tastier the pumpkin fries

baked pumpkin recipe pumpkin Rösti pumpkin recipes


Unpeeled, cut the pumpkin into 1 cm-thick strips. The baking sheet with parchment paper and spread the strips on it. Brush with oil and season with salt.

In the preheated, open, bake about 20 min on 200° until the strips are crispy.

Thyme fits very well with the pumpkin snack

pumpkin recipe pumpkin fries thyme

The Kürbispürree outperforms even the mashed potatoes taste

pumpkin recipe pumpkin puree

Pumpkin puree

This recipe seems very easy for those who can prepare mashed potatoes even.


1 medium-sized Hokkaido pumpkin

1-2 potatoes

Whole milk




You can always use finely chopped culinary herbs

sliced pumpkin recipe pumpkin Rösti pumpkin recipes

The flesh should be cooked, but with an intense color

pumpkin recipe pumpkin puree In the Glas2


Chop the vegetables and the possibility to evaporate until it is cooked. Carefully pour off the water and spread the 100 g butter over the steaming pumpkin and potato pieces. Pour in some milk and carefully handle the puree with a blender. Season to taste with salt and observe any nutmeg.

Im glass serve and delicious garnish!

pumpkin recipe pumpkin puree in a glass

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