Do You Want To Buy Fresh Spices?

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Welcome to the land of spices! Much like life itself, nothing tastes simply without seasoning. Everything is boring and bland without the correct fiery note in the sauce or the heavenly sweetness in the chocolate cake. Every time, when we can enjoy a delicious meal, an amazing feast for the senses takes place, which we intensely feel on the palate. It is therefore no surprise that the spices were so sought after and unaffordable for many many centuries ago. Who could then come enjoy the precious spices from the East at all, was regarded as a wealthy and successful.

spices buy cake cinnamon chilli ground anise

Brief history of spices

While spices have been used since the dawn of man, you had a particularly important economic, social and even political role especially in the middle ages. Spices were a status symbol. European expansion with the development of the sea routes to India in the 15th century, new, were brought up to date unknown spices to Europe. The spice trade flourished. Many sailors on behalf of their rulers on long, dangerous trips have gone because of the pursuit of more wealth and influence. Even the first carried out voyage by Columbus had as leading objective of India – the “Kingdom of spices”. Some of the spices were so expensive that they literally were worth gold. So, peppercorns were measured for example one on one with grains of gold. And in the 17th century the Spice obsession reached its culmination – the so-called nutmeg wars between the Dutch, British, and Portuguese. These colonial powers fought against each other for the monopoly on the Spice that was found only on the Indonesian Moluccan Islands (called also Spice Islands). Shortly thereafter, probably by smuggling of nutmeg on the neighbouring islands, the coveted spices rapidly also in Europe has spread and its price fell drastically, which plunged many of the rich merchant in the ruin of course.

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The secret of the ancient Ayurvedic health education

In Ayurveda, you know that food and medicine go hand in hand. So, foods are our remedies, so to speak.  The spices in Ayurvedic medicine of fundamental importance are not in vain. Their holistic positive effects on body, mind and soul has been proven in countless recipes in the course of time. In the correct quantities and blends can cause spices miracles.

So has a mood-brightening effect such valuable saffron – the King of spices – and is known as one of the most important aphrodisiacs. He even helps headaches and appetite. Anti-inflammatory and slightly stimulating effect of the aromatic cardamom. Added to the tea or coffee, gives a hint of the orient itself only a grain of spice and pampers sensitive nose at the same time. The panacea has turmeric, however, antiseptic and analgesic. Even a detoxifying effects attributed to this spice and it is ideal for the cleaning of the organism. The list is almost endless and you could browse for hours on end just in the world of spices and marvel.

spices buy pepper cinnamon nutmeg anise cardamom

Spice trade in times of Internet

You need to do thank God no world circumnavigation, to buy the desired, delicious spices. Quite the contrary. You get directly home and with a significant time and money. All you need to do, is to sit back and make a few clicks. Many trustworthy online shops in terms of spices, such as the offer you a diverse range of exotic and Oriental fragrances and flavours. Of course it is important to uncover good quality and fair relationships with the producers. This is becoming increasingly difficult in our increasingly interdependent world, but definitely not impossible, because passion and fair taste.

spices buy cake anise cinnamon raisins

Discover new culinary horizons and immerse in the fabulous and beguiling world of spices. Enjoy every single breath and every delicious bite and celebrate life called this privilege!

spices buy cake anise cinnamon nutmeg cardamom turmeric

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