Dream Interpretation – Universal Symbols

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Dream interpretation between mysticism and psychology

Have you ever tried to interpret a dream? Do you believe that this makes sense? Many people believe exactly that. Some represented a fatalistic and esoteric approach. Others, most psychologists E.g., find, rather, that the dream is something like a Messenger of our subconscious.

Can dreams be explained by a dream interpretation?

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According to a third group, these two methods of dream interpretation are quite similar.  In the core, all the experts about the same thing, but in a different way speak…

Dr.C.G.Jung focuses on a life long engrossed with dream interpretations

The dream symbols

There are many books on the subject of dream interpretation. There are some symbols that stand for certain things. But, how credible are these interpretations? We all grow spiritually under the influence of various archetypes. It is normal that they dominate in our subconscious.

Let’s take for example the House. It is a symbol of life. The different types of rooms each have their own meaning. The kitchen, the living room or around the courtyard are available for different aspects of life.

In a dream, everything seems to be so impossible and at the same time to understand

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Independent of space and time, universal symbols, appear in our dreams

dream interpretation dream symbolism House

A House seen in a dream, which is nicely mapped, means that we strive for a more organized life.

The esoteric interpretation would be not so fundamentally different. There, as the overall House not as a pursuit would be after improvement, rather than to interpret prophecy for such. But it is not no matter whether the future, regardless of whether is in the form of the knowledge or setting in our subconscious? In both cases, we learn more about them with the help of dreams.

We try irrational situations in the dream to solve

The dream interpretation requires good working knowledge

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To understand the dreams, we need to know the symbols

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Everything in the dream is a part of us

At this point, the opinions of the psychological and the superstitious deuter Soft strongly apart. At least at first glance. According to esoteric belief, but on a spiritual level, we would really meet people, of which we dream. According to psychologists, everything we see in the dream, is considered an aspect of ourselves.

The graphics of Escher could represent dreams

What happens exactly while we sleep?

dream interpretation dreams

Here is an example: you see your mother in the dream. They should be asking: you connect with which property? The one who taught morality is your mother? Then, it is the symbol of your own conscience in a dream perhaps.

Now back to the occult. According to the majority, whose teachings we are all part of the same intellectual unit. Each of us plays a role in the lives of others. The fact that we meet a person in the dream and the fact that we can connect them with a certain aspect of our inner, not seen are mutually.

To look on the forms and directions in the dream the dreamer

interpretation of dreams mandala dream catcher network Green

The Constitution also plays a helping role for the interpretation of the dreams upon waking

dream interpretation dream symbols dream landscape

The nightmares

Let’s briefly go up on this aspect. How is it that we have nightmares? This topic requires an own consideration. In principle, psychologists suggest the nightmares as a result of repressed fears and complexes. During the day, we are able to control everything. At night, this is no longer so easy. Come on, much of what we do not process the day or could solve on the surface.

The nightmares are seen also a chance. We can thus identify the roots of their own problems and find appropriate solutions for them.

Scientists and mystics explore the dreams for thousands

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And teach what we can orientate ourselves in a dream

interpretation of dreams impossible happens

The interpretation of dreams make a sense?

So no matter how you see it, the interpretation of dreams meaning ereinen. The resulting while sleeping images are very important. It is worthwhile, to interpret and understand.

Learn the symbols in the dream to realize

dream interpretation ship Ocean dream symbol

Be a traveler and collect useful impressions

interpretation of dreams impossible happens symbolism

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