Dress Code Business 2016 – Perfectly Dressed In The Business Meeting

Well dressed in the business environment? Not so easy in today’s abundance of opportunities, trends, and not least, guidelines. Now gone are the times in which it rather simple or even grey went to grey, although there is note quite a few things regarding the dress code. Not every catwalk trend is suitable therefore for the implementation and who relies on classic components, usually not wrong is in doubt.

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The today’s business look has its own dress code. For men, what are suit, neat shirt and tie as a splash of color, that is the trouser suit for women often safe to go. Rigour and objectivity must the business look alone but by no means distinguished, as Joachim Aisenbrey, Managing Director at the fashion house Breuninger assured.

“Of course women in a pants suit in public appearances, meetings or presentations feel safest. There must be whether be by too much fashionable or colored extravaganza kick-off aroused, whether the hem of a skirt or dress slips up and too much insight or it has ruined the stockings by a running stitch in last-minute thought not about. […] “But there are no real rules.” Source: http://www.stuttgarter-nachrichten.de

Latest fashion trends and the feasibility in the business

It comes after the latest fashion shows for the year 2016, so used often to well-beaten. While still reds dominated in the last year, so combinations in black and white or color blocking may be worn this year again increased. This looks quite well suited for the Office, especially as they ideally can be combined with other basics, which are already in the closet. Trend colours such as Rosé and pale blue, however, provide gentle splash of color and put again on pastel – which in turn can be found especially in blouses, but also Blazer and trouser suit up for this offer. Who wants to put a selected color highlight, which comes in colorful stripes at his own expense. These are both in the coming spring and summer demand, should be used but absolutely discreet and does not determine the outfit. The so-called pleats that exude much femininity are also in demand. As long as the dress or skirt is long enough and otherwise simply arise, also this trend can be suitable for Office use.

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Some of the trends are in the Office

Other trends of the fashion shows are including mini Carmen blouses, fringed dresses and metallic pants. Quite beautiful to look at these trends are too sensational for the everyday life in the Office. Understatement is needed here more. Also of the lingerie-style or wearing wide jeans and jogging pants is experiencing a revival, as at oe3.orf.at you can read is – in the business, they have to look anything but. The trend should be however interesting for some industries to business enabled sneakers. The casual, comfortable sports shoes are now available in countless ways and let himself sometimes skillfully to the jacket or sports suit combine. The industry is crucial however this fact.

All new products despite: the most important new trends there is today in fact no longer in the business. This is already it evident that many dress codes merge, boundaries soften and originated several hybrids, which may carry both man and woman. What such a look can look like has already shown Fresh Design Pedia.com elsewhere.

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Abroad, the wardrobe is not to be underestimated

Not only in this country, but also abroad the clothing plays an important role. In distant foreign countries, the correct business dress may decide even on success or failure at a business meeting. According to raab-verlag.at, for example, very large importance is attributed to the clothes in the Russian business world, also status symbols such as an expensive watch and fine jewelry are allowed. In China emphasis, however, on a discreet but serious occurrence, with as little bare skin can be seen. In India, where business people access often to deally shirts without a tie, formal dress is expected by Europeans, however, – they must put only the jacket should be too hot. Although must therefore not necessarily eliminates the modern trends and some personal touch, still should be set if in doubt better to proven standards.

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More tips for a successful appearance at the foreign meeting

In many Asian countries , open and high-heeled shoes are not very ladylike. Low heels are better.
“Bad Hair Days” are absolutely taboo in the United States . Before it comes to the business lunch, should sit the hairstyle so be sure and the hair be maintained.
Jewelry is welcomed in Turkey and cannot be even quite showy.
If you have a business lunch in the Japanese space , should be sure in advance on the choice of the right socks. Because it is in a traditional restaurant, so the shoes must be removed. An unsightly hole can be not only uncomfortable, but also bad for business.

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No.-go’s: low neckline or too short skirt

No matter whether career woman of the upper floors or trainees – there are some important no.-go’s that are not welcomed in spite of all fashion diversity.

Skirt length – those who opt for a skirt, should pay attention to an appropriate length. Otherwise this attention going to although certainly, but not necessarily in a positive way. Ideally, he ends an inch above the knee. It is also important that this is taken with the corresponding elegance. For example, when sitting down, so that the rock slips too far upwards. Recommendation: sit slightly turned to the Chair with closed knees and legs do not roll over.
Snippet – fashionable clothes is quite allowed, but should be avoided on erotic signals such as deep cut-outs or transparent blouses. They not sovereign act and ensure that the wearer may not as competent is perceived. In addition, lush cleavage can be also simply distracting and has therefore nothing in the Office.
Jewelry – jewelry is definitely allowed, should choice be selected but in each discreetly. In the business context, a watch and a bracelet are usually sufficient, but should not be worn on one hand. Similar situation is with rings, here too many pieces seem cluttered. Also, they visually reduce the finger.
Discreet, but stylish – there are some basic rules that guarantee a successful presentation. Be dispensed with should therefore at best on Neon colors, Tiger pattern, washed-out and worn jeans, tight clothes, high heels over 6 cm or boots reaching above the knee. Also very strong makeup, wrinkled clothes or long red finger nails not doing well usually.

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