Dry Hands In The Winter? Here Are Some Tips Before You This Problem Saving!

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Dry hands? -Some useful tips on how you maintain these

The winter brings a wonderful, because you have great moments with good snow weather or makes an exciting ski holiday in the mountains! But the cold season brings us many difficulties. This is especially true if it comes to our health in general or specifically to our healthy skin is the speech. In January and February the weather is probably the worst, because we have spent many months without much sun and natural warmth. Do you know the problem? You often get to dry hands? If so, then let us give some tips!

In the winter, get dry hands?

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You can even get dry hands, if you incorrectly eats

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Why are problems with our skin in winter?

In the winter, we have to fight most with ice-cold wind. The hands are particularly affected. Certainly, you ask what this is? The skin is much thinner than in other parts of the body. On the hands, there is relatively little fat. For this reason, there is the systematic hydrogenation of fundamental importance. If we refrain from the skin dries out, she is irritated and doesn’t look good.

In the winter dry hands more frequently

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Hydration is particularly important

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Caution: If your hands are cold even in the warmer seasons, then it is not the specific weather conditions in the corresponding season. Cold hands can be attributed in most cases poor circulation, slow metabolism and poor nutrition. In such cases, the following tips must be combined with the removal of the other conditions.

Some have a double effect!

Strengthen your circulation!

The circuit needs to get moving. Here is a method that you can implement at home. Take two Bowl – one with cold and one filled with warm water. Putting your hands alternately in one and then in the other Bowl. Dry them well. Then, enter a special hand cream on the best such that contains olive oil.

Use hand cream

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Eat properly

Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Enrich your diet with vitamins A, D and E. Still, you should consume foods that are rich in amino acids. These are E.g. nuts and seafood. Its domestic consumption is highly recommended in the winter months.

Nuts are recommended in winter especially

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The fish concerned the organism with important sewing fabrics in winter

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Eat enough fruits and vegetables

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Fresh salads are also recommended

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Skin care is closely linked to the diet

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Properly maintain your skin!

There are many everyday actions which lead to dry hands. These are E.g. the washing and the use of various cleaning agents. Use gloves when such domestic activities and necessarily grease your hands to these acts.

Housework has also a negative impact on the hand skin

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Therefore use gloves

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Protect your hands while you clean at home

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Wear gloves as often as possible when you go out in bad weather. Anyway, you are a beautiful woman accessory.

Provide a nice hand skin even if you are out there

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Dry hands need extra attention

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