Eco Clothing: Organic Materials, Which Dresses Are Produced

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Eco clothing: what materials are sustainable?

In the first part, we declared the so-called sustainable materials should comply with the conditions. Now we illustrate what I just said some concrete examples.

ECO is healthy and trendy clothing

Eco clothing organic cotton white dress braintreeclothing

Eco clothing – sustainable fashion for women

organic clothing organic substances

Organic cotton

The cotton has a great potential as an eco-friendly product. It is good for your health and can be produced sustainably. This happens only under the condition that the purchased quantities have a high price and that the consumption is reasonable.

Clothing made from organic cotton is expensive

Eco clothing cotton organic healthy lifestyle

Modern knitting clothes from organic cotton in soft colors

Eco clothing knitted clothing-organic cotton

Usually cotton is quickly attacked by pests, and that’s why many used pesticides. It not only insects, but many animals and people who come in contact with thus forcibly die.

The organic, also organic and eco cotton avoids this danger. In the organic landscapes produced smaller amounts of cotton. No chemicals are used in their production.

The eco cotton is also organic cotton called

Eco clothing organic cotton advantage

Ideally, the production at a higher price is bought off so that the people who work in the fields, must get a fair payment and not where else to jeopardize their health.

The ethics is only an argument for buying the clothes from organic cotton.  They protect not only people of the third world (or those from poorer backgrounds in Europe), but also yourself – your environment and your own health.

Hemp fiber

Hemp can be used in the fashion industry. Unlike cotton, it is relatively easy to cultivate and requires few pesticides. Moreover, Even the cannabis recognized not as organic production consumes a few chemicals against pests, and the roots of the plant itself have the property to enrich the soil, making them more fertile and thus to restore the ecological balance.

Hemp fabric in shades of blue

Eco clothing hemp fabric lifestyle healthy living

Everyday clothes made of hemp

organic hemp clothing dresses lifestyle trends


Bamboo has an immensely important role for the environmentally-friendly development in all areas of fashion and design. He can be sustainably produced in large quantities, and is also very healthy for people. Bamboo is hypo-allergenic, capable of absorption, quick drying and has natural antibacterial properties. Bamboo grows very quickly and hardly any pesticides are needed for his care.

The bamboo has a number of good qualities

Eco clothing organic bamboo fabric

However, that bamboo forests are arbitrarily destroyed risk due to the large consumption. Due to the profit, but pesticides are consumed so that it rises even more.

It often happens that bamboo is sustainable, but that is not always the case. The material should come from specially planned forests and the manufacturer should abstain from chemicals.  Usually, the fair vendors offer information about where the bamboo comes from and how it is processed. The others mention the history of the products. We would rather discourage you from buying the latter.


This is a more natural fiber plant, which requires fewer chemicals and water in production than the cotton. We would opt for the organic production in this case.

Trendy linen shorts in bleached-out pink

organic linen clothing shorts organic Scout mob

Organic wool

The organic wool is always more accessible to the ordinary consumers. You comes from local organic farms and is produced regionally.

Use for the production of organic clothing organic wool

organic clothing black skirt organic wool honestby

Recycled polyester

We find more and more cool jackets and pants, which are made from recycled plastic bottles on the market.  Not a sustainable material made the polyester. But at least reduced the amount of waste, which enters the nature.

Polyester reuse and make dresses

organic clothing dress honestby recycled polyester

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