Effective Weight Loss – The Need For Sweets Reduce

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effective slimming demand for sweets reduce

Effective weight loss – tips on how you can reduce the urge for sweets

According to a research of the University of Innsbruck, the daily running of 15 minutes can help many overweight people to overcome the current addiction to sweets and other high-calorie foods and thus more effectively to take off. It has noted this at the age of 28 after an investigation with a number of overweight people.

Effectively remove and run going but hand in hand!

effective slimming more exercise less candy

Running this very effectively helps to reduce the current urge for sweets

effective slimming urge for sweets reduce

This healthy take off

effective weight loss training little candy food

15 minutes on the runway

The finding, which was just mentioned, was after an experiment with 15 – minute found walking on a career. The tempo, which was used, was already pretty fast. However, it was not so intense that it could somehow get respiratory problems.

Resist the temptation…

effective weight loss less sweets eat

The behavior of a control group was compared with the behavior of another, which didn’t do anything at the same time. The first experiment participants, the need was significantly reduced for sweets while the others this clearly was not the case.

The training as cognitive support

The conclusion of the experiment is, that if you would force more often to go, the urge easier any time soon after eating. This is true for sweets, as well as for all other types of unhealthy food.

The right food is something you could adapt

effective weight loss tips food movement

Integrate the motion in everyday life

The movement is any fun. But there is the big mistake is that it imposes certain patterns for it. You must listen to yourself and find a kind of movement, which really is a fun. Still one must consider practical, whether it easily within the circumstances specified is feasible.

Not exclude the movement from your everyday life!

effective weight loss lifestyle nature park walking walking man and woman

It can be a walk in the Park, to a distant supermarket or movement in the courtyard. Or maybe it is like on a device prior to the television? In some people it depends on the variety.

The jogging in the Park is recommended. Is it enjoyable with friends!

effective slimming tips Park walking walking man woman

To listen to while running, makes it a pleasant music

effective slimming sports drive running tips

Father and son go for a walk together…

effective slimming Walk In the Park father and son

Even go for a walk in the Park!

effective weight loss walking walking more movement

The everyday gardening requires movement

effective slimming garden is relax

The main thing you can do it! For the overweight, in a small form is bad health. According to statistics, more and more people die from its consequences.

What is the balance?

effective weight loss tips little candy right food train

Healthy living – healthy body…

effective weight loss is moving running tips

Spend time outdoors with the family

effective slimming family is amusement walking walking

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