Eggplant – History And Delicious Recipe Ideas

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Eggplant history kinds of colors

The Eggplant and its exciting history

In recent days, we have again selected recipes, which we can present to you. In many of them there are Eggplant. Then, we noticed a, that we do not have told much of the story. This is really exciting.

Starting point of India

The aubergines are originally from India. There, they were cultivated 4000 years ago.

Nowadays these can be found in almost all countries, have a warm summer or generally warm seasons

Eggplant food diverging varieties

Actually, did you know that these are not vegetables, but fruits?

The eggplant in Turkey and Egypt has spread from India and the countries of today’s Pakistan. Arabic sources from the period between the 9th and 12th century prove that these fruits in the kitchens of Turkish, Persian, and Arabic were already in use at that time. Earlier, between the 4th and 7th century the Eggplant on the territory of Spain have spread.

Like to eat Eggplant?

Eggplant history origin India

The different types of

Through the long history of the spread, it was decided that there is worldwide these days many different varieties of Eggplant . Here you can find them in various shapes and colors. You can be a pear-shaped, oblong, round. Interesting are also the lime green and striped Eggplant fruits in India and Thailand. Also a well known art, which looks similar to grapes comes from Thailand. It is made all over the world.

The Eggplant can be found also in the brightest shades

Eggplant food white species history

This Eggplant fascinates with its shape

Eggplant Thailand failed variety history

This is the general idea of the Eggplant

Eggplant history facts fruit

Delicious Eggplant dishes

Worldwide, there are also super delicious Eggplant dishes. We have put together a wonderful recipe ideas list of those for you.

From India comes the tasty paste Baingan Bharta.

Eye-pleasing and delicious

Eggplant preparing Baingan Bharta India

In Turkey, it combined with delicious lamb for Darja Kebap.

It is enough just at the sight of this dish

Eggplant preparing Darja Kebap Turkey typical

The delicious Mussaka comes from Greece

Eggplant preparing Mussaka Greek

In Arab cuisine the emblematic dish is prepared so that baba ghanoush.

Looks this interesting food

Eggplant preparation ideas baba ghanoush

In China, cut the eggplants in different shapes and fry them with Basil. The most popular recipes here are a heritage of the Buddhist monks.

The fruits of Auberginien used in Japanese cuisine for a significant dining there. It comes to Tempura.

They are breaded with flour and eggs there

Eggplant prepared Tempura recipe

Of course, one must not forget also the great Italian dishes Caponata and Parmigiana so an Eggplant-recipe list. Also, we want to necessarily mention the French Ratatouille! Yes, this is prepared with Eggplant! As you can see, the Eggplant-recipe list is quite long.

Do you get hungry at the sight of this dish?

Eggplant prepare delicious recipes Caponata

Looks good, or?

Eggplant preparing Parmigiana recipe

Do you have a favorite recipe using Eggplant?

Prepare something delicious with this unique fruit

Eggplant food exciting story varieties

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