Endocrine System Naturally Support And Healthy Life

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endocrine system hormonal system strengths healthy life

These foods promote your endocrine system naturally

Everything in our body is related to a well functioning of the endocrine system. Today how to avoid doing some confounding factors and how to promote the smooth functioning of some products and good habits it comes.

Endocrine system

endocrine system hormonal system schema organs of the body

Even Hippocrates said that catch most of the diseases in the intestines. Even the Yogis are of the opinion that the broadcasting we have is related to the condition of the stomach area. There is our power-house (so the Pilates-Trainer). Yes, because there we feel stronger than in the other organs of the body, if a food is good or not so good. Thank God it’s not always the ideal diet. Because there are also a number of products, which can further help for the better synthesis of the products.

Power yoga and healthy living

endocrine system hormonal system Yoga sports

What happens in the brain

endocrine system hormonal system balance brain chemistry

The cholesterol and the endocrine system

At this point should be mentioned it probably that the cholesterol has a leading role in the construction of the endocrine system. Drugs which reduce too much, make it much more susceptible for diseases. For this reason especially longtime vegans must take care very much. You would have to find a way to eat more saturated fat.

Good and bad cholesterol in food

endocrine system hormonal system cholesterol

Gluten – the modern theme

Gluten is also of fundamental importance to our endocrine system and its health. It is a protein that contains the noodles, bread and many other products. The gluten has deficiency usually Diarium, bloating and stomach pain. It turns out also in many cases, that problems may be associated with fertility so.

Gluten in the dough goods

endocrine system hormonal system gluten bread

There are also gluten-free cereals

endocrine system hormonal system gluten grain

Less caffeine and alcohol

Proven, caffeine and alcohol are very harmful for the health of the endocrine system. The sensitivity is very individual to these substances. For women, it leads to chronically elevated amounts of hydrocortisone, which is also known as the stress hormone. The latter is the reason of the nervousness during the period.

How much coffee cups are still healthy on the day?

endocrine system hormonal system caffeine coffee drinking

Alcohol drinks prove harmful for several reasons

endocrine system hormonal system alcohol drinking

Better forget about your favorite cocktail

endocrine system hormonal system alcohol drinking Tequila Sunrise

And supplement it with a health elixir

endocrine system hormonal system balance healthy life

Overweight women should wait for something with intense training

Perhaps surprisingly for many, you can be very harmful to intensive training in many cases for the endocrine system of the ladies. If you have an ideal balance between FAT and muscle, as well as weight, then they will increase the estrogen as a result. But, for overweight women, it may have a rather unpleasant effect. So it increases the testosterone, which is bad in this particular case. This is in turn recommended for men.

Sports actually not always leads to a positive result

endocrine system hormonal system balance healthy life sport driving

Foods that can be considered as best friends of our endocrine system

Pine pollen extracts are a very good source of testosterone. So, it is very beneficial for men. For the ladies, the plant of Vitex would mind agnus-castus a valuable source of great hormones.

Pollen extracts

endocrine system hormonal system pollen extracts

Vitex agnus-castus

endocrine system hormonal system Vitex Agnus Castus

Royale, propolis and jelly are of fundamental importance for the good functioning of the endocrine system of both sexes. In addition, these two products bring many more health benefits with it.

Honey and propolis

endocrine system hormonal system propolis

Jelly Royale

endocrine system hormonal system jelly Royale

Coconut products are also very beneficial. But look young fruits. The tires are not so easy for the digestion and the not so healthy.

Coconut and coconut products

endocrine system hormonal system coconut products

More foods on which you should place your endocrine system health in terms of are poppy and pomegranate.


endocrine system hormonal system pomegranate

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