Еuropa Cities Driving Yes Or No?

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Large European cities, which soon prohibit driving a car

We can give you many ideas on how you can live more comfortably every day. Have you also thought where you want to live? Today you can choose thanks to globalization virtually between places all over the world. We remain in European cities. Some of these might be healthier than others in a few years. The air quality also plays an important role?

Alert about difficulties on the roads cities Europe

Еuropa cities Oslo TRAFFIK

Then read on. Because some of the most beautiful European cities will in the foreseeable future the cars completely or prohibit only at its centre. Read below what are these cities.

Some Europe countries result in so called bike taxis an

Еuropa cities Dublin eco taxi

This will facilitate the road situation noticeably

Еuropa cities impression Staete in Europe traffic


We start with the city, which most likely, but the strongest declared the project to abolish the traffic. It’s Oslo. From 2019 the appropriate regulation for the setting of auto traffic should officially into force.

The prospects are good: people and business show understanding for the need for this measure.

Huge European cities such as Oslo want to adjust car traffic in the city centre

Еuropa cities Oslo City


Milan is one of the European cities which already met many effective measures against pollution on their territory. It is for example extremely expensive to drive through the city centre with a car. The fee can be and want to afford one. In July of this year, the current Mayor of Milan advertised the project to transform the historic centre in a pure pedestrian zone. Still has set but no specific deadline for the implementation of this plan.

There is a similar mood in the capital of fashion

Еuropa cities Milano City CentreDublin

A plan of value of 150 million was completed this summer. It includes measures which will free the city centre from Dublin until 2017 by cars. The reactions are mixed, and the whole thing is still not sure. The advocates of the plan are becoming more and more. However, some private suppliers defend themselves. The idea met for this understanding and support for some of the major media. It was for example by the journalist promotes Tim o’ Dwyer.

In the Irish capital, the politicians want to finally solve the problem with the cars

Еuropa cities of Samuel Beckett bridge Dublin

Innovative solutions show many European cities for years

Еuropa cities Berlin bicycle taxiParis

2014, there was a day in Paris without cars in the Centre. The reduction of the pollution was significant. The enthusiasm that was triggered by, should be used to make a permanent trend the reduction of car traffic.

It will spread the pedestrian area on the right side of the Seine. The start of the project was planned for the summer of 2016.

The smog is one of the biggest problems in the Giants Europe

Еuropa cities Paris smog

In the inner cities to allow only company cars and taxis

Еuropa cities taxi

This will facilitate the road situation to something

Еuropa cities Paris rush hour traffic


One of the most successful plans for the reduction of the car traffic took place in the Spanish capital. There were fees for drivers who neither live in the Centre, have more parking. That has reduced more than twice the car traffic in the city centre.

More and more Spaniards go on the bike or take the train

Еuropa cities Dublin alternative

Driving in the city has become a stressful affair

Еuropa cities Oslo TRAFFIK


2014, Brussels also declared a plan for the extension of the pedestrian promenade. You could drive some fast routes only on foot or by bike. Business people and lawyers had many objections. Also, many people believe that the traffic not to abolish, but should be distributed to the outskirts of the city.

The situation in Brussels is not different

Еuropa cities of Brussel rush hour traffic

Here, too, the innovative alternatives is given green light

Еuropa cities bicycle cities Europe

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