Exotic Fruits – 20 Of The Most Unusual Fruits And Vegetables Of The World

Editor   January 8, 2015   Comments Off on Exotic Fruits – 20 Of The Most Unusual Fruits And Vegetables Of The World

exotic fruit ackee Akipflaume

Unique, exotic fruits and vegetables

If you think you have seen it all on fruit and vegetables, you’re mistaken determined. Today, we have gathered some surprises for you. It’s about exotic nature creations that look not only failed, but are also very tasty. Most of the fruits come from the rainforest of the Amazon from Brazil, Peru and many other distant countries. You have a strange appearance and many of them should be eaten only good peeled. Some grow on trees, others on shrubs or trees. The names themselves sound already very exotic and immediately arouse our interest.

Probably you have seen already romanesco broccoli or the Dragon fruit. Sometimes, for us, also Horn melon or Tangelos, coming from Indonesia, is offered on the market. Regularly, even sweet potatoes can be bought at the grocery store. You have also slowly won a specific area of our food culture. But what is with the other unique fruits and vegetables such as the Aguajefrucht and the Akebi that is found only in a certain region of Japan? Have you heard of Amaranthamaranthus, Akipflaume or Cupuaçu? Watch all of these exotic fruits and vegetables, and admire the unusual creations of mother nature!

Exotic fruits – Aguaje
exotic fruits Aguajefrucht


exotic fruits Akebi


exotic fruit Amaranthamaranthus Achiote

Chinese asparagus beans

exotic fruits of Chinese asparagus beans

Chinese taro

exotic fruit Chinese taro hand Buddas


exotic fruit Cupuaçu cocoa tree

Durian – the fruit of stinking

exotic fruit Durian Rottencrotchand fruit

Romanesco broccoli

exotic fruits romanesco broccoli

Horn melon

exotic fruit Horn melon

Jackfruit tree

exotic fruits jackfruit tree green
exotic fruit Duku Langsat


exotic fruit mangosteen

Maan lime

exotic fruits Maan lime

Sea fennel

exotic fruits of sea fennel

Dragon fruit

exotic fruit Pitaya and Dragon fruit


exotic fruits Plinia Cautiflora Jabuticaba


exotic fruit Rambutan

Purple sweet potatoes

exotic fruits of red sweet potatoes


exotic fruit Salakpalme


exotic fruit Ugli Tangelo

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