Eyes Make Up Step By Step – As Make-up You Your Eyes Bigger

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eyes makeup step by step eye of makeup tips

Enlarge your eyes with makeup step by step

Small eyes are very often beautiful. More specifically, they are not small, but lie deeper. That’s why they act often also very mysterious and have a very interesting shape. It should be emphasized just these two special features then any step by step through the right eye makeup.

Eyes makeup step by step

eyes makeup step by step eye makeup

Special care for the eyebrows

The first step would be before the make-up, perfectly to shape the eyebrows. So, your vision is clear and open. Therefore, all elements of the face are emphasized. Generally, not very thick eyebrows look like small eyes better. You should try to achieve a great bow.

Paint for eyebrows

eyes make up step by step eye makeup eyebrow

Applying makeup Foundation

You should apply then a foundation makeup in your eyes over the entire range between the eyelids and eyebrows. Thus, you reach a soft look, what is in any case with regard to the specified purpose of advantage.

Which is the correct makeup brush for primer

eyes makeup step by step of face painting tips primer

The Foundation is also important because it avoids it, smearing your makeup. With deep eyes, the risk is slightly larger.

Where do I start eye make-up -?

eyes makeup step by step eye makeup eye shape

Eye shapes

Schminktipps eyes different eye shapes

Choose the appropriate eyes eyeshadow

If you want to achieve through the eyes makeup step by step now perfect results, you should choose the perfect eyeshadow in third place. Silver or bright ivory should be colors which you should spread over the entire eyelid. Also other nuances are appropriate, but they should be definitely in the “cold” color palette.

Magical shades of blue

eyes make up step by step eye makeup eye shadow applying

Dark shades are not right for the case, when you make your eyes look bigger. For this you could use something glittery.

Perfect eye makeup

makeup tips eyes Wimpertousche eye shadow blue

Apply eyeliner

As a next step, you should attach the eyeliner in this variation of the eye makeup. With this, you should but rewrite not the entire outline. Rather, they should emphasize the eyes from the upper side and also not quite. They should emphasize the eyeliner from the Center to the outer edges. Black color, practically no alternative has a good effect.

Precisely apply eyeliner

eyes makeup step by step eye makeup Kajal eyeliner

eyes makeup step by step eye makeup makeup tips

Emphasis by bright eyes eyeshadow

You should stress the outside of the eyebrow arch the brightest shades of eyeshadow. The color must be probably white or close to it. This make open and beautiful the eye area, but also the whole face look.

Yellow as eyeshadow

eyes make up step by step applying eyeshadow

Turn the eyelashes

Usually, small eyes have a very charming flair. By the turning of the eyebrows you will achieve exactly this effect. With this approach you will also make the eyelashes transparent. So you can look better by this on the make-up behind it.

Mascara for more volume

makeup tips eyes mascara lipstick of gloss

Other tips

Yes! We’re almost done. Easy makeup goes eyes step by step for smaller eyes! Seemingly all but many people seems too little and they take like a few steps. Often it is but so that this taints the results so far achieved more as developed.

Smile with your eyes

eyes makeup step by step eye makeup ideas

You should not do so:

First, you must turn the lower lashes never. If you want to hide dark circles under the eyes better with a matching pen. For this you should install but mascara on the lower lashes.

We wish you many great moments in everyday life through your improved look!

Avoid dark circles

eyes makeup step by step eye care makeup tips

Make-up eyes bigger

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