Eyewear Fashion And More About The Autumn/winter Of 2015

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eyewear fashion poncho

Hats, scarves, belts, eyewear: fashion trends for the coming winter season

Always, the accessories were necessary for a completed vision. However, in the coming winter season, this is clearer a lot. Designers and consumers seem on the quest for something “totally new” to be tired. There were so many beautiful dresses in the last seasons, one could easily absorb. What speaks against it? We would say nothing at all!

The current fashion season offers a smorgasbord of style from the last decades

eyewear fashion three glasses mansions

On the catwalk and the streets, we see a revision of what has become a classic in the last decades in part. The “small things” and the details have the task to do our outfit a little differently. Because ultimately we have changed something since the last wearing of these clothes, and certainly for good.

We can illustrate this wonderfully with great accessories. We want to look at trends in the accessories for this winter season from nearby?

We recognize trends from the 70s, the 80s and also from the 90s in the autumn 2015 eyeglasses

eyewear fashion three glasses

Steampunk elements are not missing this winter

eyewear fashion winter 2015 Cavalli

Latest fashion in the glasses

Some people overlook the fact that fashion also in the winter season of great importance is the glasses. From the newly written we can conclude that the retro models back in are. That is also true. The fashion shows of all well-known brands to prove it.

The focus is on the glasses fashion from the 60s and 70s. In the first period, we observe small glasses. For the 70’s the cat eye sunglasses, are thick-framed glasses are, however, very typical.

There is a wide range in the eyewear fashion in the fall / winter 2015

eyewear fashion olive green

Aviator sunglasses or cat?-why not both?

eyewear fashion winter 2015

Trends in hats

The hats are a must if you want to protect your hair from the bad weather. Cotton and wide brims are prevalent this season. They are warm and emblematic for the the then current boho style.

The hats we see a tendency to luxury fabrics

eyewear fashion Leather Brown

Wide-brimmed felt Hat seems to be one of the leading trends

eyewear fashion trend black

Hats include Indiana Jones or Schützenkönigin – this season on the head

eyewear fashion trend

Trends in the scarves

By the fashion for the wide spreading collar, the scarves are no longer so fashionable. Place a higher value on these actually work to. If you still want to wear scarves, they should fit well with the upper part.

The Scottish ACE is to see many accessories and garments in winter

eyewear fashion winter coat scarf

Cozy scarves and ponchos with us probably not only in this fashion season

eyewear fashion cart

Saturated colors and bold patterns from the 70s is also up-to-date

eyewear fashion winter of scarves

Fashion trends in the belts

According to many experts, purchase a new belt for the coming winter season is practically obligatory.  The selection of new collections offers plenty of variety. We have robust, diagonally located models and fine, thin variants.

Please fasten your seat! The belt season has begun!

eyewear fashion winter belt

Wide or thin, black or colorful – the belt formfitting excellent

eyewear fashion winter belt wide

There is a wide range of fabrics and colours in the belt world

eyewear fashion fashion

The jewelry

We have intentionally left the jewelry at the end. The brooch is celebrating a great return on the fashion podiums. The earrings must be effective and attract much attention.

You can attach only on an ear. Great, or?

You must not necessarily have a WaSP waist to emphasize your figure

eyewear fashion belt dress

A mixture of style can work well if she make sense together

eyewear fashion leather

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